the MDSW post: better late than never!

The reentry from MDSW and work has eaten my week! But as I’m sure you’re eager to hear another MD story, here’s mine!

I took a slightly convoluted (but cost effective!) route to get to Baltimore – I took the bus from Toronto to Buffalo, then flew out from Buffalo to Baltimore (and took a cab to get to the hotel). It took about 7 hours or so in total, even with the delays at the border. I met up with Ysolda at the hotel a little while later, and we ended up having just an evening in. We did walk up to Trader’s Joe’s and got some groceries and made pasta for dinner in the room! Love the actual kitchen in there.

The next morning we met up with Team Ravelry (Jess, Casey, Mary-Heather, and Frecklemom) at breakfast and headed to the fairgrounds. We were parked really as far as we possibly could be from the entrance, and had to journey through the massively long grass. At least it stopped raining fairly early on Saturday!

on the road

First stop was the Brooks Farm booth, where M-H, Jess and Ysolda all got some yummy yarn.

Mary-Heather loves her green yarn

ysolda + red = love

Fortified with lime fizzes, we headed to the Ravelry meetup at noon – lots of fun people!

lime fizz

And spent a good long while with a huge group of awesome knitter/blogger/flickr-ers trying to get a coordinated jump shot. It was hard, yo.

casey gets in on the action!


Big group dinner with cool knitters and great Indian food!

dinner table

Then we went to Guido’s party. But I didn’t take any photos there! It was nice talking to people there, and the raffle was pretty cool (we didn’t win anything though!).

Then on Sunday Ysolda and I accidentally slept in, so we ended up getting to the fairgrounds with everyone just about the time of the meetup. It was pouring rain, and the grounds were super muddy! But we did manage to get some shopping done, walked all around, and only left when the festival was closing. We spent the evening chilling out, knitting (me) and doing computery stuff (everyone else).

276.365 - chillin'

And what did I get? Well I haven’t taken individual photos yet, but here’s a group shot:

the haul

Maybe I’ll save the goods for the next post!



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7 responses to “the MDSW post: better late than never!”

  1. Julie Avatar

    wow, what a very fun day! all that yarn looks uh-MAZING!

  2. cici Avatar

    amazing photos.. I’m loving the jumping shots♥ It was nice to meet in person after reading your blog and buy your patterns

  3. Lisa Avatar

    I was parked way out at the edge of the long, long grass too…wasn’t so hard to walk through on the way back at the end of the day, though, all trampled and driven on! It was really nice meeting you and Ysolda at the Ravelry meet-up. I am bummed, however, that I somehow missed the lime fizzes! They sound yummy!

  4. jackie Avatar

    wish i were there. so much fun u guys had !!

    i love how u wear the mary jane shoe with knee socks! cool !!

  5. Roosdorentje Avatar

    I love the photo’s!!

  6. becky Avatar

    ooooooooooooooo… Solitude! Gretchen is the best.

    Great to meet you, ever so briefly!

  7. gleek Avatar

    your trip looks like it was so much fun! :)

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