And he bringeth me new stuff!

The four skeins of Jaeger Trinity that I bought from erin, which I think will work perfectly for the Mermaid Mesh. It’s quite crunchy from the silk.

My dye order from PRO chemical. I was looking into the Sabraset dyes, but some were so expensive ($20 for turquoise?) and they came in quantities I didn’t really need (50 grams). So I was delighted to find they had kits that go along with “Color in Spinning” by Deb Menz – all the Sabraset colours that she lists in the book plus WashFast magenta, in 10 g jars. Perfect! I also ordered some beakers, a graduated cylinder, and a syringe. I can’t wait to mix up some of her dye recipes.

The Dulaan raglan – isn’t it so cute?

I’ve just started the sleeves and the second skein of yarn – which is quite a bit bulkier than the first. Oh well. I’m not quite sure how long the sleeves should be, but I’ll wing it.

New yarns – I finished spinning up the carded alpaca I got at the Frolic. It had quite a bit of VM in it that I picked out as I went, both in the singles and in the plying. There are still a couple little bits in there but hopefully a good washing will help. I found it interesting to spin – easy, but it had an oily feel to it. The washing will probably help with that too.

Finally, two smaller skeins I finished today – the natural one is BFL, and I’m quite taken with its simplicity. The bottom one is from the blended batts from The Black Lamb, purchased at the Frolic. I just love the heathery colours! This skein’s about 120 yards/50 g, and I’ve got two other colourways to spin up. I’m hoping to use them all together in something.

I decided to list a few yarns over on Etsy – you’ll notice the prices are higher than those listed on the blog; that’s to compensate for the fees! So if you buy direct from me through the blog, you’ll save a couple of bucks. I’m just hoping for a little more exposure on Etsy, and customers who weren’t already aware of the blog.

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