the longest three hours..

…are those of a lecture before for a four-day weekend. Well, the four-day weekend being a break from school only, and lecture content being review of pretty much everything I’ve learned in linguistics twice already! Sheesh.

Anyway, thanks for the kind comments on my shrug and skirt :D I think I’ll wear the skirt tomorrow – it’s super comfy.

I had taken this picture yesterday…

..but it no longer looks like that. No, I didn’t frog, actually the opposite. I finished that second front piece and attached the shoulders of the sweater with a three-needle bindoff! So now I only have 2 sleeves to go (which will only be about 20″ long as opposed to the 32″ of the body pieces) and finishing up to do!

I just got home from the longest day of my week, so it’s time to go sit around and start my zigzag bag!






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