the connections we make.

Today I woke up, leisurely, at 11:30. After my Mondays and Tuesdays, where I need to wake up at 9 to get to work for 11, sleeping in the rest of the week feels so much more deserved. Horrible, considering those are only 2 days of the 7 day week. Moving on…

I worked today in the afternoon, my time being filled mainly with winding up balls of Araucania Nature Cotton (argh! some are just so bloody messy!) and bringing up chairs from the scary, scary basement in anticipation of Stitch and Bitch. The chairs were, of course, promptly filled by seven pm. I worked on my ribby sleeve – boring boring, but I’ve got 10 more rounds until it’s done, and it’s the right size and everything this time! I took a picture, but a) it’s boring and b) I don’t feel like hooking up the camera, downloading the pictures, and resizing everything to put it up. Maybe tomorrow.

SnB is awesome, always. Just such a spirited group of women (and possibly men, after the ones that expressed interest tonight!), so talented and opinionated, and just…cool. Also, being the youngest, I find that interacting with women older than me (not that any of you are old! far from it!) is really nice, especially since they do respect me as a knitter and as a person. I think it’s just getting out of my normal group of friends and the dynamic that I’m used to is really good for me. There’s some real bonding going on. I also can’t really write what I’m trying to say! This is why I’m not an aspiring writer!

I think I might possibly be hitting a slump. I do want to finish this cardie and I’ll make it happen, but I just don’t know what’s up next or what I’m excited about doing. I find that my slumps do pass quickly though, so this time next week I’ll likely be brimming with ideas. I’m going to take the Kitty Hat with me tomorrow to work on, so there should be a progress pic up tomorrow, Kelly!






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