that lovin’ feeling

I wanted to post this last night, but the internets weren’t cooperating, so here goes…

I conquered the v-neck of Cloud once again, and am more halfway done a sleeve.

I love the feel of the Shine, and I think this will turn out well, but I’m just not feeling the love anymore. It’s really quite unwieldy with the magic loop for the sleeves – if I could just do it on a circular, it’d probably be done by now. Ah, well.

I was putting up my due dates on my wall calendar (love that thing) and I realized that after Thanksgiving (Canadian, obviously – October 10) I have a test every week for the following six weeks. And there are labs and at least one major assignment in there too. So what did I do in response to this scary, scary news?

Cast on for Katy!

I’m using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, in off-lot Cavern (yeah, same as the, uh, Cavern sweater). I thought I would need to do a bigger size to make it come out with a smaller gauge, but once I cast on and knit two rows I realized that I really didn’t need to do that. Yay cables!







2 responses to “that lovin’ feeling”

  1. Lauren Avatar

    You are so fast! I can’t believe you ripped so much of Cloud and are already past where you were.

  2. Jill Avatar

    I should get my act together and we should do Katy at the same time…except I don’t know what I want to make it out of!

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