that bug what everyone’s got

The sewing bug, that is – I’ve got it too. I started sewing long before I started knitting, but I was never that serious about it so the skills are limited. I’ve made lots of bags, skirts, some ill-fitting pants, even a corset-sorta top.

Well, now I’m trying to branch out. And I’ve got the major fabric stash to prove it. A bunch of new stuff from Reprodepot came today, and it’s just fabulous stuff!

Crinkle brown paisley and kaffe fasset shot cotton in “grass” for dresses.

Sushi print for a gym clothes bag for my sister; some of the portable goldfish print will be for a pillowcase for her as well.

More Kaffe Fasset cotton on the left – it’s thinner and sheerer than I was expecting. I was going to make a skirt or something, but I’m not sure now. On the right, yummy barkcloth. I’ve got two yards, and I’m tempted to make a dress or skirt or something.

I *love* this one – it’s a large floral cotton jacquard, and it’s heavy and soft and fabulous. I only got one yard because it’s expensive, and obviously now I don’t know what to do with it – maybe as part of a quilt.

I’ve even got a sewing FO to show you…tomorrow!






6 responses to “that bug what everyone’s got”

  1. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    I LOVE the goldfish print! I mean, the rest is beautiful but something about the goldfish just tickles my funnybone in the best way.

  2. jill Avatar

    I love the goldfish print too – I have it and can’t decide what to do with it.

  3. Macoco Avatar

    The colors in the crinkly brown paisley are soo soothing and homey.

  4. alison Avatar

    I’ve got the bug too! Those are great fabric choices — I *love* the goldfish print.

  5. handknit168 Avatar

    I haven’t sewn for at least 15 years, but now I pick it up. But have to practice more to gain the skill and technique.

  6. quenna Avatar

    I’m infected too! Love the sushi one.

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