Textile Museum Sale haul!

I didn’t have much time at the Textile Museum’s annual rummage sale last Friday, but it’s probably for the best. I’m sure I could have found tons more stuff to buy! They’re always bringing out new stuff all day long, you never know what you’ll find.

from the Textile Museum sale!

I did find some nice stable-feeling knits.

from the Textile Museum sale!

Nice denims.

from the Textile Museum sale!

Assorted stuff. The tweed has nice colourful flecks in it, the green on top is flannel, and the flowery one should be enough for a light summery dress.

from the Textile Museum sale!

from the Textile Museum sale!

Fun assorted quilting cottons.

Were you there? I want to see your haul, leave me a link!



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  1. SquareMary Avatar

    I got a few things but have only blogged one. A mystery piece from the “$2 a bag” pile. I am afraid I am building a fabric stash as well as a yarn one!

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