Really Must Stop Looking At Yarn!!

(Although if you like the colour of Silk Garden that I used for Rayne, it’s on sale at Littleknits under the word “looking” above :p)

Must not buy yarn! It’s tough when there are such pretty things out there, but I have GOT to save some money to spend across the pond. Also, I really, really, really don’t need any more yarn. I’ve got plenty. And I have lots of knitting to concentrate on for the time being.

I got all the way to the midpoint of the edging of the Mooi shawl (actual name: Niji Baby Cable Shawl) when I realized that something was off. Sigh.


I’d made a mistake wayyy back in the first pattern repeat (there are 17 on one side of the shawl). It bothered me enough that I ripped the edging all the way back and redid it. The shawl is a store sample, too, so I didn’t want it to look wrong! When I got to the middle again…still off. But only by 2 stitches, so I was able to fudge it a bit. Finished shawl photos soon!

Since that’s about it for the knitting, how about some food?

The now-infamous NY Times chocolate chip cookies:

32-hour cookies

It was a good time to make them this past weekend because my sister was having birthday parties (multiple!) so there were lots of people around to eat them! I made the dough on Saturday morning and baked some that night (7 hr chill), some the next night (32 hr chill) and some just last night (umm…50ish hour chill?). I must say that I wasn’t super blown away. I mean, it was a good cookie, maybe a great cookie, but the best ever? I don’t know. Anyway, they’re still really good.

Dinner Sunday night: tempura-style fried okra, spaghetti in roasted Ontario tomato sauce with goat cheese. Mmmm!

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5 responses to “temptations”

  1. Elspeth Avatar

    Great – I thought I was going to Little Knits not that I need to buy more yarn, but then I got to Webs, where I just sent in a huge order! It is really bad to look at yarn, isn’t it?

  2. Carol Avatar

    I just bought from Webs too. Couldn’t resist the Berroco Cuzco anymore. I thought it would be a great substitute in the Linden pattern from Twist. I think it’s been the slight chill in the air? Makes me think of Autumn and knitting sweaters!

  3. gleek Avatar

    my god am i hungry now!

  4. Knittripps Avatar


    I know what you mean about needing to stop looking at yarn. Sometimes it is so hard. Be strong and promise to buy yourself something luscious on your trip abroad!

  5. Seanna Lea Avatar

    You are evil and I do mean that in a good way.

    I have a lot of willpower when it comes to yarn, though I am sure that is mostly based on the size of my wallet. If I had more money and space, I’m sure I’d fall down the well a lot more often.

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