tales of interest

1. I am so busy I don’t think I have ever been this busy in my life.

2. I bought a nice big planner. See #1. I’m making it bend to my will (be the way I want it) by printing out calendars for month at a glance (which it didn’t have) and putting an elastic on it like on my trusty Moleskine.

3. I have been unpacking loads of new yarns at the store. Some of it made easier by my new workmate, Denny!

4. I am so glad that so many of you are interested in the Lucy pattern. I really hope they turn out for everyone! I’m going to be knitting another one soon.

5. I have a pile of commissioned stuff to do, including a garment (wrappy shrug thing that I’m actually terrified will turn out badly and no one will want to hire me ever again) and this:

It’s on its way to becoming a BUNNY RABBIT. Git yer minds outta da gutter.

6. I lost a Bryspun dpn sometime (maybe a week or two ago), somewhere (either at the store or home…I think). Jen, thanks for the dpn-losing mojo, now where’s the finding-it mojo?

7. I have barely knit for myself in the last week. However:

8. The cabled cardi for the store is almost, almost done – just need to bind off tomorrow, and hopefully take photos for the pattern, which will hopefully be ready by next week sometime.

9. The Blueberry Greek Pullover is nearly complete. I sewed the pieces together and fit is PERFECT. Seriously. The neckline’s a bit too open though. I crocheted around it, as per the pattern, but I might do another round to stabilize it. Just need to finish the side vent edges and block and it’ll be a done deal.

10. VBC. Thanks for all your great suggestions on the whole buttonhole thing. I’m definitely going to reinforce the buttonholes, but it seems like such a tedious, careful little task that I’m just really prepared to do right now! Maybe Denny will do it next week in exchange for strongbow?

11. Yarn. I’ve made some, although that was more last week than this one.

Cirque – a merino single, all the colours of the rainbow.

Nightshade: a super soft merino single (success!), mainly charcoal with pops of bright violet! I looooove it!

12. I have some crazy scheme about spinning and knitting a sweater for Rhinebeck. Yeah.

13. School starts on Tuesday. This term I’m taking Evolution, Speech Disorders, Language Diversity, and Conserving Canada’s Forests.

14. I am feeling a wee bit insane.

That is all.



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10 responses to “tales of interest”

  1. caro Avatar

    The nightshade is gorgeous! Wow!

  2. mote Avatar

    oooh now i need to dye myself up some black-and-violet fiber….

  3. jill Avatar

    You are a busy camper! Good luck with your new classes!

  4. jenna Avatar

    Is the cabled cardi another one of your original patterns? I’m off to order the diamond cardi now!

    (Shame on me—my mind was in the gutter.)

  5. may Avatar

    shame on me too….hehe ;)

    good luck with the semester!

  6. Julia Avatar

    Wowsa…good luck! At least it all sounds interesting!

  7. Carrie Avatar

    Really nice yarn, the nightshade skein is beautiful!

  8. wavybrains Avatar

    both are gorgeous yarns and can’t wait to see the bunny.

  9. Vknits Avatar

    Ohhh Nightshade is gorgeous! Mmmm.

  10. Siri Avatar

    Gee, I’ve always wondered how you pulled off school, work, and all that designing and knitting BEFORE this, and now, ONLY NOW, you claim to feel really busy. You’re amazing!
    Love the new Diamond cardi. So basic and beautiful.
    I’m looking forward to seeing how your Greek Pullover turns out and I’m curious to find out what yarn you used. You’re too busy to answer this now though so I’ll wait until it’s done to read the specs.

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