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I’ve got one copy of Erika Knight’s Classic Knits at Home to give away! (Also see my give away of Twinkle’s Weekend Knits, one post down!)

This is a gorgeous book that makes me wish I lived in that particular house! There are 15 patterns total for various around-the-house knits, using simple textures and gorgeous yarns to produce luxurious pieces that really would “keep forever”. I’m quite inspired by a few projects in particular – a circular rug worked in hemp with short rows; a big chunky floor cushion knit from bulky yarn, and the patchwork hexagon blanket on the cover. Even the knitted plant pot covers, as improbable as they might be, are rather cute!

Somehow, though, I don’t see myself getting to any of these patterns anytime soon (not the least of which is because I don’t have a house to decorate), so I want to give it to someone who’ll appreciate it!

To enter, just leave a comment. I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner on Friday.

Comments will close Thursday, April 17, at 11:59 PM EDT.

206 Responses to “take it off my hands, part III – Classic Knits at Home”

  1. Kaitlin

    The only pattern book I have is a home knits one (different one though) I love it since it has some great stuff for a beginner and I just bought my first home. Sign me up for this one please!

  2. Nancy Hilsgen

    I love your website! What I find so cool is that you throw in a little bit of everything, great recipes, knitting and the sewing are what I’m most interested in! You inspire me to take on knitting projects that I wouldn’t normally choose to do! Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next read!

  3. Michele

    Thanks for offering up this book – please add my name to the list of supplicants.

  4. Diana

    Hi Laura, please add me to the list as well.

    I’m always inspired by your lovely work (though I admit to not having the time or
    patience to knit a sweater in 4-ply!). Thanks for your free patterns/knit ‘recipes.’

  5. Davy

    Thanks so much for doing these giveaways! I’d be more than happy to take this fine book off your hands =D

  6. Anna

    wow, how generous. thanks for offering these books. i am definitely interested in this one. i wonder what other de-stashing you are going to do.

  7. Sascha

    Ooh, this offer looks even more exciting than the last one!

  8. maria

    ok, i’m popping in for this one too – i think we have the same taste in books, clearly :-)

  9. Heather R.

    I’d love this book. Thanks for the give-away!

  10. Michelle

    Yippee! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this book for a while. You’re the best! :-)

  11. Nicole

    Ooh ooh! I just bought my first house and am dying to have this book to help me decorate it. Pick me! :)

  12. Joy

    I love Erika Knight’s books, and would love to add this one to my library. The occasional a-little-too-quirky pattern usually resides inside, but is worth all the other wow-inspiring patterns packed around it.

  13. Lauren

    Please add me to your drawing. I would LOVE to knit something from that beautiful book. Thanks!!!!!

  14. Courtney

    OHHHHHHH! I love Erika Knight’s classic styling. And, unlike you, I do have a house that needs (make that yearns) to be decorated.

  15. sappmama

    LOL, and the comments come pouring in. We all love giveaways! I’m happy to join the list.

  16. Cynthia

    Thank you for offering this book to us, I would love to be entered for the draw :)

  17. Michelle

    I could make space on my bookshelf for that homeless book! The afghan on the cover looks nice.

  18. courtney

    Oooohhh, I’ve been eyeing this book up for a while, I love like EVERYTHING in it! :)

  19. Xiuxiu

    I love the afghan. Put me in the drawing please

  20. Sarah

    I’m interested! The blanket on the cover looks amazing. Thanks for including me in the drawing! :)

  21. The Spun Monkey

    heya! i love your blog adventures…will start on the rayne wrap as soon as i can get my hands on some noro…
    by all means, sign me up! i love random drawings for fun stuff! and i love knitting books! all of them!

  22. Megan

    I’ve heard great things about this book, count me in!

    Thanks for doing this drawing, it is so generous of you!

  23. Leona

    Ooo, that is the one home-knits book I am wishing for… mostly because of the cover picture. Thanks for offering up your extra copy!

  24. Jen D.

    Count me in for this one too! Thanks again for being so generous!

  25. miss ewe

    ooo! ooo! pick me!
    This book has a couple things that make me shake my head, but a couple of really great patterns too!

  26. aija

    I’d love to be entered in your drawing for this… I have been wanting to make that cover afghan since I saw it!

  27. Javafreak

    I didn’t even know this book was out. I have the other 2 Erika Knight books. I’d love to add this to my knitting bookshelf (that’s right, whole seperate shelf, just for knitting books & patterns *blush*).

  28. joanne117

    Wow, this would be such a great addition to my bookshelf. I’d love to win. THANKS!

  29. Sylvia

    I’m definitely interested in having the book and hope I’m chosen!!

  30. Zhenya

    I was just looking at this book last weekend. I’d love to get a copy. Thanks again for the great give-away!

  31. Dao

    OMG this will be great for my new house decoration project!

    Enter me!

  32. Linda

    hi Laura,

    Your blog looks great. Food and knitting. Knitting and food. What else is there?

    I’d be delighted to have the Erika Knight book so please enter my name in your draw.

  33. Vanknitter

    Would love to be entered into this draw – thanks for setting this up!

  34. sue

    You are so kind and generous to be giving away that book. It does look as though it has some beautiful patterns in it too.

  35. Grace

    I would love to be the new owner of this book! Thanks so much for sharing!

  36. Juliana

    I never won something before, so maybe I am the random number this time. (Wow, that did sound kind of bad, didn’t it? Well good that we all know what we talk about here.)
    Good luck to everyone!

  37. Tara

    Looks like a great book. :)

    I tried the paneer with the wholefat milk (instead of 2%) and it turned out much better. :) Now to venture into making it into matter paneer. :) Thanks for the recipe!

  38. chris

    hey, i didn’t know that erika knight had a new knitting book out?

    please count me in!

  39. Kate

    Hi! I would love the addition of your book offerring to our Mobility business….we have an in-shelter program to help people with disabitlies and seniors with limited mobility issues. Often I teach caregivers how to knit…making blankets for people/families, etc. thank you, thank you for the consideration….oh, and yours was the first knitting blog I found some years ago!

  40. Jeannette

    I have long wanted this book. Great idea to share the love!

  41. Marta Brás

    Count me in, again! I’d love to get that book :)

  42. Beverly Foyse

    Oh man, I need that afghan on the cover!

    Thanks for the chance at it.

  43. Beth

    I wouldn’t mind winning this!! Especially since I’m moving to a new apartment soon!

  44. Jenn

    Oh! Sign me up, my house is in desperate need of decoration!

  45. April

    Hi – just wanted to share that I tried your flourless choc cake recipe & it was great – please keep sharing your recipes!

  46. Abbe

    That’s a really nice looking book and I’ve got a house that could use some handknits.

  47. Rachel

    Thanks for the generosity! Throw my name in the hat! Thoroughly enjoy your blog by the way!

  48. Meredith

    I love that hexagon blanket on the cover! Please count me in the drawing… this is so generous of you! PS–Thanks for your great blog!

  49. Stacie

    What a great contest of sorts. Please add me to the list of contestants :o)

  50. Margaret

    Please add me in the drawing! It looks like a lovely book!

  51. dani

    That looks like a great book– I like the afghan on the front…

  52. sarah e

    Just got this from the library -would love a copy of my very own!

  53. alejandra

    Thanks for offering this book, and thank you for being so generous, with your patterns too.

  54. Kate

    I’d love to win it! We’re moving (and, thus, redecorating) next month and I’d love to warm up the new place with some handknitted decor :-)

  55. Lori

    I know what you mean about wanting to live in the house! It looks so nice! I adore the cover blanket!

  56. Josiane

    I’m about to buy a new house, and I’m sure some (if not all) of those patterns would be a great way to add a personal touch to that new home! Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. Linda

    “pick me, choose me, love me.” meredith grey, grey’s anatomy.

  58. Anabella

    Thanks for offering this! It’s a book that’s long been on my list to buy… Love your blog!

  59. SheKnitsHeSpins

    Please sign me up as well–the book looks great! Thank you!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your next sewing projects–they very inspiring!

  60. stefanie

    I think its really cool that you are willing to give a book away. ::fingers crossed that I just might win::

  61. Carrie

    Huh, I’ve never seen that book! Looks interesting. I bet I’ll wish I had that house too!

  62. Sarah

    De-lurking for this one, I love Erica Knight’s work!

  63. veronica

    Oooh, I like the afghan on the cover (although it looks like a seaming nightmare!). Pick me!

  64. Toni

    I don’t expect to win, but can’t resist the chance to try! Thanks for your generosity in sharing these books with the rest of us.

  65. Rebecca

    Hi, please enter me in the draw….will you post to Australia? If not, sorry to waste your time…

  66. Nicole

    That’s super-sweet of you. It’s a book I’ve looked at many times at my LYS. Count me in please.

  67. diana

    Random Comment…Let me think…Ok OK There once was a girl from Nantucket no no no…TOO randy..OH She said random number Ok I got it
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I love your blog
    Sign me up for the book, too.

    Please and Thank you


  68. Karen

    Thanks for offereing a book. I am always looking to add to my book stash!

  69. Donna

    Love that patchwork hexagon blanket on the cover-what a great de-stashing project! Best of luck to all of us.

  70. Ebony

    I’d love to have this book. I’ve been looking for it in every bookstore I go to recently. There’s a particularly nice afghan I saw in a magazine from there.

  71. Melissa

    oh, oh, pick me! pick me! :) It’s great of you to give away such great picks like these!

  72. crystal

    I just bought my first home this year and I’d love to make the blanket on the front cover!! Count me in too!

  73. Roxanne

    I have been looking at that book for some time and would love to make something from it, add me to the contest.

  74. Turtle

    Oh! This sounds like just what i have been looking for! Have not seen this book!

  75. otismurph

    I just saw this book in Barnes & Noble and almost bought it (but then I reminded myself that I have NO money for anything that’s not food, gas, or rent). I hope you pick me! I want to make the cotton bathmat, so cute.

  76. VA

    I’m knitting the shrug from Classic Knits right now and so far, so good. The patterns are so lovable.

    I imagine this book will be the same.

  77. Hannahbelle

    This book would be perfect! I’m moving into a new apartment and I really want to knit some cool stuff for my home…. :)

  78. Marianne

    love erika knight and would love a chance at her book…thanks!

  79. Shannon

    Well since I’m a long time reader, seldom commenter this seems like a good time to leave a note saying ‘sign me up!’


  80. Sanna, Finland

    This is my participation to the contest. I love your blog, always full of nice surprises :)

  81. Leah

    I don’t usually comment on your blog but I definitely enjoy it. You’ve inspired me to take up sewing this summer. huzzah!

  82. Kassia

    Add me to the list for this one too please! :)

  83. Debbie

    Thank you for the fun giveaway! Love the blog, and your work.

  84. Andrea

    So nice of you to offer up these books! Keep the great sewing/knitting/cooking content coming!

  85. Miss Amy

    Please add my name to the growing list. Thanks so much. Maybe this would help with some of my yarn I don’t have plans for yet.

  86. Frances

    Thanks for offering the chance!! Please add me to the list.

  87. Rorra

    I Love your blog and designs! It just an extra bonus that your giving away this stuff. I’d love to win this book, I’ve been in the same mood lately of de-cluttering my home. It feels good to simultaneously get rid of something that is just laying around while giving it to someone who will use it.

  88. Amanda

    Well, if you’re just giving it away… Just found your site – love it!

  89. Sandra

    I’m looking to expand my knitting skills from just doing sweaters to other things. This book would be perfect to get new ideas.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  90. Yaya

    Since, I’ve been lurking for a few weeks now . . . guess it’s a good time to delurk. Thanks!!

  91. Sara

    That’s an interesting book. Please add me to the draw.

  92. Leah

    Wow! That’s allot of comments.
    The book looks like it would have some patterns I might like.
    Leah ;0)

  93. Michelle

    I’ve never seen this book, but love knitting for my home & love Erika Knight. ;-)

  94. Kelly W. Pratt

    let me just throw it out there, i never win anything…..

  95. Carol aka Dragonlady

    oooooooh, meeee, meeee, meeee, pick me!

    Aside from all that, I really enjoy your random postings of flowers, especially when you had crocuses and we still had feet of snow here in Maine! Knitting content is fun, too!

  96. Bronwyn

    Oh god, I have so many books that I’m probably never going to knit from. I tend to look through them for inspiration.

    Count me in on the contest !

  97. Marilyn Phillips

    Would love this book and especially enjoy your blog.

  98. bernie

    Oh my gosh! The coverlet on the front of the book is so nice! I would be thrilled to win this.

  99. kathy b

    LOve a contest. Im into the blanket/throw knits currently. LOve the blanket on the book cover

  100. Dottie Blair

    Love your website. I would love your book just for the cover on the couch alone.

    Thanks, Dottie Blair

    P.S. Wish I lived near to get some of your dyed yarn or learn to do too.

  101. Dottie

    I would loe to have this book. Thank you for giving it away.

  102. marcie

    So nice of you to give it away.. I hope I win, Ive been wanting this one!


  103. Pix

    Well, count me in…. (nothing like books to draw me out of lurker-dom)

  104. Ingrid

    Living in Florida definitely changes your knitting focus. Home knits and accessories are the most practical things to knit. I haven’t put on a sweater in probably 3 years. Thanks again for your generosity.


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