Y’know, I actually quite like Mondays, working from home. I can sleep in a little, get into productive mode after a weekend of relaxing or whatever (I worked pretty hard this weekend, now that I think about it) and get a lot done at a pretty leisurely pace. Of course, maybe that’s just the perk of working from home any day of the week.

Today it’s also sunny, which is awesome. It’s been a dreary, dark winter with much less sunshine than usual (it’s true, I read the stats in the paper) so no wonder the season’s been dragging more than usual.

What’s a knitter’s way to beat back the greys? COLOUR.

top-down raglan

I started this simple top-down raglan cardigan last week, using a bunch of different (but co-ordinating) balls of handspuns that I’ve collected. Most of them are from mixed batts, of varying softness, and all the colours are awesome.

I’m picking the next colour by pulling a ball out of an opaque knitting bag, but since I know they all go together, the sequence can be anything! As for how long to do each stripe, I’m just sort of randomly doing that too, changing colours on the WS in seed stitch like for the Tulip baby sweater. So, a grown up Tulip for me.

grown-up tulip-ish

Oh, and I’m so glad so many people enjoyed/will be enjoying the mattar paneer recipe! Yes, paneer really is that easy to make, although personally sometimes I’m slightly disappointed that a litre of milk doesn’t make more cheese…but then I think about it, and it’s actually not a very small amount of cheese, really.

I went to a new allergist a couple weeks ago who gave me a bunch of lists of things to cut from my diet (again) and the homemade mattar paneer is something in which everything is a-ok. I’m sure to be experimenting more with various foods over the next while, so there’ll be more recipes to come!

8 Responses to “sunny Monday”

  1. Hannah

    Cute! Nice Spring colours, it makes a change from all the black white and grey I’ve been surrounding myself with!

  2. Stephanie

    I thought that looked like a tulip sweater! Very nice looking, love the colors. Wish I could work from home, but as a teacher I don’t know how the students would learn!


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