Interweave Summer preview is up!

I actually love a couple of things – nothing’s really grabbed me lately in Interweave. But things to make from this one: Looking Glass Top, Marseilles Pullover, Fairy Net Blouse. And maybe others, depending on my mood when the issue actually comes out!

Meanwhile, I’ve started a new sweater from one of last year’s issues, so pictures to come soon.

9 Responses to “summer already?”

  1. --Deb

    It does seem kind of early, huh?

    There are some nice things, but that doesn’t really surprise me with IK. Lately, they’re hitting home runs a WHOLE lot more often than any other knit mags I can think of!

  2. Eve

    I love the Marseilles Pullover, and also the Wedgewood Blouse. The Bias Corset is also drawing me, for some reason.

  3. colleen

    Wow, actually, I like quite a few of them. Why does this start happening as soon as I let my subscription lapse?

  4. Wanett

    Do you hack into Interweave’s computers? How are you always the first person to find the preview? ; )

  5. Aradi

    I rarely like the summer mags and I always thought I just must not be a summer knits person. This one is full of things I’d make, and maybe even wear! Ack, must finish things.

  6. jody

    thanks for posting the link. like you, i am really in love with this issue! it seems early but i like that because i have a chance of making something from it before it turns to autumn!

  7. anne

    Hm, looks like a pretty good issue, although the photos for the preview are terrible (yes, thank you for showing me the BACK of the sweater!), but that’s always true. I like what I see of the cabled sweater and the looking glass could be lovely.


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