After hearing Stephanie’s rules on what her family can eat (no trans fats, no tropical oils, nothing with sugar in the first three ingredients), what did I do? Why, I came straight home and had a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and a mini Oh Henry! Mm, sugar. I definitely can’t take as much straight sugary food as much anymore, though. Although….the hot chocolate seems to have settled my stomach some, which was hurting pretty badly for awhile tonight.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about winter. The weather’s getting cooler, the heat’s on (except for Stephanie, of course…), the leaves are falling and there’s that certain crispness in the air. Perhaps it didn’t help that last night I was reading last winter’s issue of Food and Wine from the LCBO – it was full of hot wintery concoctions and yummy stews and things, as well as icewine dessert photographed amidst snow and ice.

It’s also the Christmas gifts – I mean, thinking about them means that Christmas is coming! Freaky. I’m starting to the same wintery feeling that I tend to get every year – although this year, I have this feeling as if the season is going to whip by really quickly, and then it’ll be spring again, and another summer. Anyway, that’s my ramblings.

I started my first Christmas present today, a lacey scarf for my aunt. It’s moving at a good clip, I think. I’m so tempted to pick up more yarn for presents at work tomorrow, but I’m going to exercise restraint and wait until at least next week. Then I won’t feel so guilty about spending so money during the month of October.

I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to make another ribbed cardie out of my Jo Sharp aran tweed, like the one I did in Cotton-Ease. I was contemplating Lara (by Debbie Bliss) or some kind of cabled cardie like a friend of mine has (it’s really cosy and nice-looking, and wouldn’t be difficult to figure out) but I really want to knit the yarn into something that a) I know will turn out, and I’ll like it and wear it, and b) I will be able to wear for years. I really want to have it as my default sweater. Plus I’ll have my Must Have as a cabley sweater, once I get around to making that.






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