suddenly it’s spring

The preview of projects for Interweave’s Spring Issue is up HERE!

Hard to tell from the teeny photos, but it looks like a good issue. And definitely a kick in the butt for me to get my submissions for them together!






13 responses to “suddenly it’s spring”

  1. Andrea Avatar

    I love it! It’s been a while that I’ve seen a preview and wanted to knit most of the projects. Must work harder at my stash busting so I can buy some new yarn.

  2. nikki Avatar

    There’s some good stuff in there. *swoon*

  3. Molly Avatar

    Wow, this issue looks great! I can’t wait to get it. (It feels like spring here anyways…)

  4. Delia Avatar

    Thanks for posting – I’ve been looking at their page daily waiting for the update!

  5. Ruth Avatar

    Wow, thanks for the link. There are some lovely, lovely things in there! I’m not normally as big a fan of the spring and summer issues as the winter and fall ones, but I’m looking forward to taking a closer look at this one.

  6. Kathy Avatar

    Oh, thanks! It looks great!

  7. Jo Avatar

    Ooh – I like the Green Tea raglan and Cabled Raglan. Not too sure about the assymetrical neckline, though – I think I would be constantly trying to pull it back into place.

  8. britt Avatar

    this issue looks great. thanks for the link. glad i got the subscription for christmas

  9. Jennifer Avatar

    Thanks for posting this! Good luck with your submissions! I’m trying to get mine done too. :)

  10. Leigh Avatar

    I’m glad I stopped by. I don’t subscribe to any knitting magazines, but I’ll have to make a trip to Barnes & Noble for this one.

  11. handknit168 Avatar

    I am eagerly waiting for this Spring IK to reach my home.

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