Well, I got through my botany lab today (they’re great, very chill), and I’ve finished my biology paper tomorrow and printed my prelab. Booyah! Now I just need to study for this test on Wednesday – I really need to study some tonight, can’t be putting it ALL off until tomorrow!

Thanks for all the kind comments on Tartan! I got nice comments on livejournal too – just for you, Jane, in case you haven’t found it yet – the livejournal knitting community. It’s comfy, but a bit snug in the arms still. Sometime soon I’ll put on a sweater, squeeze the jacket over it, spray it with water and walk around like that (at home) until it dries. And possibly repeat that until they loosen a bit. I also need to get some closures, I’m thinking toggles. I’ll pick them up probably on Thursday before work.

I’m taking a break from my work (right now) to take a shower and chill out a bit, and I’ve started ripping my Banff. It’s actually quite straighforward, and I’ve got the pieces separated and one sleeve completely frogged. The yarn’s nice and soft, but also rugged, just what I was going for (it’s Patons Upcountry). The yarn will need to be skeined and washed, but that probably won’t be for awhile.

As you can see in my sidebar, I’ve started a pair of legwarmers out of the same Manos that I used in my sweater. I just cast on 44, did 2×2 rib for about 2 inches and then started stockinette. I’m using 5mm dpns so they’re knit nice and tight, and I’m a little over half done one. It’s perfect for take-along. And the colours – ooh! So pretty. All brown-orange-rust-gold. Very autumn.

Syncopated ribs is finally getting some attention again. I finished up one cuff and started the second one, and since they’re not particularly long I’ll probably finish the other cuff tomorrow. And then I need to do the 2 sleeve seams and weave in ends, and throw it in the wash.

I’d post pics but I haven’t got much time right now! There’ll probably be a glut of pictures on Wednesday or Thursday. Or Friday.






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