You know, I was dreaming of spring, of fast, light, cotton knits. Thinking about what I can do with the lovely cottons I’ve got. Wondering how to construct a top out of the Aurora like the one that I’ve got in my mind…along with a skirt to match.

Then old man winter rears his head again and dumps another 10 cm of snow.

Oh well, gotta knit the woolies while you can, right? I’m actually rather impressed that I’ve resisted the urge to cast on for some sort of new project, and I’m sort of past the craving now. I’m just about up to the toe decreases on the Lorna’s sock, and am making good headway on the yoke of the Retro-Prep. So there will be some FO’s in the near future – about time!

I did some blog housekeeping – updated my FO gallery (I’ll hopefully be working on that soon, make it a little more user-friendly) and put up a link to the top-down pattern. I’ve been getting hits from the Knitter’s Review Forums, where someone nice posted a link to my pattern!






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