stash and sample sale!

8/365 - tuesday

One of the things I’d like to do this year as part of my 365 project is to document some of my outfits – I wear multiple knitted items every day (at least in the winter) and I want you to do it too! There’s no point in knitting things and not wearing them, right?

Top and skirt – Anthropologie
Leggings – Garage (I love their leggings, despite not being of their demographic)
Sweater – Darjeeling
Oh, and I got new glasses before Christmas that I’m really enjoying.

Also! My stash and sample sale is now up on Flickr (and the stash portion on Ravelry as well). Email me or leave a comment with your email address to let me know if you want anything! There’s some awfully pretty stuff up there.

tess designer yarns petite silk







4 responses to “stash and sample sale!”

  1. Katie Avatar

    I love your new glasses! And what a cute outfit. The Darjeeling is so adorable and cozy looking!

  2. Knittripps Avatar

    I am looking forward to seeing some more knit fashion pairings in 2013! What a great idea. I LOVE Anthropologie.

  3. Jane Avatar

    Foxy glasses Laura!! Love them.

  4. jasmine Avatar

    Love the new glasses, they’re very stylish!

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