I’ve been doing lots of both!


This is the cormo/silk I was working on this week – it’s a blend of 95% cormo wool, 5% silk that I got at Rhinebeck awhile back. The roving was quite narrow, almost like a pin-drafted roving, which was lots of fun to spin.

Unfortunately, being such a fine wool, cormo is tricky to prep. This roving was pretty neppy – neps are little sort of ‘blobs’ of fibre that get tangled up when the wool is processed. They made spinning this fibre evenly pretty challenging, and the resulting yarn looks pretty rustic. Good thing it’s still super duper soft and squishy! I got 352 yards of sportweight 2-ply out of the 4 oz of fibre.

laceweight singles

This wasn’t spun during the Tour, but I thought I’d just stick it up here anyway – some laceweight singles from a colour shifting batt. They’ve been sitting on the bobbin waiting for plying, but I decided to just wind them off. 430 yards.

I’m really fired up again about spinning! Last night after I wound off the cormo/silk I wanted to keep going but I really had knitting to do. I’ve been rooting through my spinning bin digging up interesting fibre to spin, and there’s bags of stuff sitting around my studio. I hope that after the Tour is over I still have this energy for spinning – it’s fun!






3 responses to “spinspinspin.”

  1. Rae Avatar

    Your spinning is very nice. I love the colors of blue & purple together

  2. Freddie Avatar

    What a beautiful colour. I wish I could spin!

  3. Maryse Avatar

    Sounds like you’re having fun! The skein is beautiful!

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