spinning my wheel

I’ve been getting to my spinning wheel more these days and I love it! It’s a nice change from knitting and my arms/shoulders thank me for the break.

sunny spinning

I have my wheel close to my desk now, so I can really pull it over to spin for short bursts if I feel like it. I had a baggie of this rather unremarkable but fun to spin Shetland that I just really wanted to spin up, and I ended up doing the whole thing in an afternoon.


Fast and squishy. 65 grams, 200 yards of 2ply.

And I finally finished this super soft, silky blend from Into the Whirled – it’s merino, superwash merino, and silk, in the colourway “Candy Bracelet”. Took awhile to spin but it should come up in fun stripes.

into the whirled 'candy bracelet'

It’s 370 yards of 3ply (chain plied), so I might make some socks or something out of it. Thanks Brenna!

I’m trying to work on spinning down my stash a bit. Spun yarn takes up a little less space than fibre, right?







3 responses to “spinning my wheel”

  1. lilirious Avatar

    Your yarns are beautiful! it’s funny how seeing handspun yarn makes you want to spin too.. I’m saving my (still rather meager) stash for the TdF, so I have to wait :(

  2. Carie Avatar

    Oooo pretty handspun, especially the candy bracelet, it’s going to make something gorgeously stripy.

  3. Jimmie Almanza Avatar

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