Just spinning here today, folks.

I spun up the first two lots of my hand-dyed corriedale.

The colours aren’t quite true – both of the dyed skeins are more brown in real life. How *do* people get colour-accurate pictures? I suppose a better camera would help; alas, I’d rather spend the money on fibre. The rust yarn is about 150 yards, worsted-ish weight, and the green one is a little thinner and about 196 yards (both are 4 oz and 2-ply). I’m quite happy with the colours after being spun up, actually.

And check out these cool tags; my cousin gave me them at Christmas. Seems like a waste to just use them for myself, so I’m going to pick up some plainer tags just to label the yardage and such.

I also spun up that sherbet-coloured merino, but I couldn’t get a good picture tonight – I’ll put one up tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I’ve dyed some more of the merino. This stuff is seriously soft; I think I need to buy some more (plus it’s a good deal)!

This one is primary colours with a bit of the in-between colours (just a touch of green and purple). I love that it actually turned out bright!

This one is more red in real life; it’s dark pinks, reds, and purples. I quite like it, even if it does look kind of like a bruise.

That’s it for now! Next question is, of course – what do I do with all this handspun?

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8 responses to “spinnin”

  1. Vicki Avatar

    I love that green yarn, and the rusty red looks pretty good, not quite what I expected from the unspun though. And I really do love the newly dyed stuff too. Is this all you do all day? What fun :)

  2. Lauren Avatar

    Wow, you are so fast! Love that evergreen.

  3. andrea Avatar

    lovely plyed yarn! my plying is still a bit, ahem, wonky to say the least, but i’m looking forward to when mine look as nice as yours ;)

    those tags are pretty too – what a great idea!

  4. marichan Avatar

    The green yarn is beautiful! I love watching all of your spun yarn being created.

  5. Diana Avatar

    Beautiful colors you’ve got there.. they seem almost shiny in the photo!

  6. Deb Avatar

    I always have trouble getting accurate colors, too, and I’m using a Nikon Coolpix camera–not one of the fanciest cameras out there, but not one of the cheapest, either! It always frustrates me . . . your spinning looks great, though!

  7. Alexa Avatar

    Wow, that yarn is so pretty! I wish I knew how to spin, or knew someone who spins a lot.

  8. Purly Whites Avatar

    Oh, that is so pretty!

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