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I finally finished up a skein (note: not the entire amount of roving, maybe half) of the colonial wool – the yarn of Insane Craziness.

It’s a big skein, but I have no idea what the yardage is. How do people figure that out? Wind their skeins on a niddy-noddy and count?

Anyway, there’s not much knitting progress going on – still working on the tanks. I should really do some finishing, too – the licorice cardi and phildar jacket have just been sitting around. Hopefully there will be some more progress to report after tonight’s SnB!






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  1. Rose Avatar

    How do people figure that out? Wind their skeins on a niddy-noddy and count?

    Exactly :)
    I have a 5-foot niddy-noddy (meaning that one wrap around all 4 arms = 5 feet). So what I do is wrap my yarn around the thing, count the number of strands (generally between two of the arms, and multiply that by 5, which gives the total number of feet. I then divide that by 3 (3 feet=1 yard), which gives me yardage

    wraps * 5 / 3 = total yardage

    You could easily substitute the numbers for your niddy-noddy into that formula. Hope this helps :)

  2. Tipper Avatar

    Cute yarn! I want to get spinning something like that with my wheel, but I’m tense or something. My yarn ends up tiny and nervous!

    I just bought a niddy-noddy and use it just like Rose said. Mine’s a smaller one, though, since I’d probably knock myself unconscious with a large one. Before I had a niddy-noddy, I’d use my swift. I opened it up, locked it, and measured the circumference. Then I’d stick a bobbin on a dowel, secure the yarn to an arm of the swift, and spin. I’d keep my hand on the same part of the swift and count when I made one revolution. Then you just multiply the number of revolutions by the circumference. I like the niddy-noddy method better, as the yarn stays a little more even.

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