Today I was interviewed by a woman from the National Post while at work – it was cool. Next Saturday, I think she said.

Whew. I meant to come home early to get my room all fixed up and cleaned, but that didn’t exactly happen! I went to the redroom on Spadina with a friend after work, and after that I had coffee at Timmy’s with a different friend. Got home at 10:15 or so – which is when I started to clean my room. I’ve given up for today, but I’ve got things semi-arranged! Now I just need to sort through some more of my crap…I’ve got wayyyy too much stuff in my room. Useless stuff.

At any rate, I decided to display my yarn rather than have it be in random plastic bags and tubs on the floor. So, I cleaned out one of my bookcases (I have three – I also had to make room for this year’s textbooks on the bookshelf next to my desk) and put (almost) all my knitting stuff in it. I’ve still got one tub and my workbaskets, but the majority of my yarn is out – and y’know, it’s not so bad. It’s not like I’ve gone *completely* stash crazy. And now I can actually see what I have, and get motivation and inspiration!

Must go take a shower before I drop. Getting picked up tomorrow morning at 10 for the big trip to the Kitchener/Waterloo knitting festival! (I’d better not take too much money with me! Yikes!)

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