some crazy mittens

So I started a pair of mittens, in doubled Knitpicks Sock Garden on 3 mm dpns.

They’re nice and dense, but as you can probably see, a bit baggy! Even more obvious here:

So I ripped it all out to the ribbing and went again. This time, decreasing after the ribbing, and starting the gusset earlier. I think it’ll work out.

Coming soon: the vera knee socks, and mimi prettylong!






6 responses to “some crazy mittens”

  1. Yarn Abuse Avatar

    hee, your mittens are totally crazy! I also really like your black sweater, it’s a shame it’s pilling so much already =( I did a swatch abuse test on Elann’s Highland Wool, and after rubbing the swatch together a lot I only had minimum pilling and “blurriness.” And it’s Elann, you can’t beat the price :)

  2. Sonya Avatar

    I love that yarn for mittens. Pilling is such a pain. Doesn’t it seem like if we can put people on the moon, we could figure out some magical process to make non-pilling yarn? I did read on the Aran knit list last week that sometimes a sweater will pill, but then kinda get over it and look great.

  3. lynda Avatar

    Ooh, those are gonna be pretty mittens! Love Sock Garden!

  4. Sara Avatar

    I love the mittens… the way that color works together is fabulous! I really need to get on the ball and try making a pair.

  5. Julia Avatar

    Those colors look great together. Good job undoing them and making sure they actually fit. It’s best when we don’t convince ourselves they’ll work when really we won’t ever wear them. ;)

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