some colour and some black

I dyed up the last pound of corriedale roving that I’d bought from eBay a while back (seller winderwood farm) and it was finally dry tonight.

I dyed in the crockpot, with Cushings dyes, in two 8 oz. batches. The roving’s in a couple balls because I accidentally pulled too hard in a few places while fluffing it up! I really like how the red/grey/purple one came out; it was totally not what I was expecting.

I started a new sweater that’ll go fast, I hope – I’m cold! I don’t know if you noticed, but those last couple sweaters I knit were cotton, and I’m definitely feeling a chill. The sweater’s a top-down pulli in black wool. Not terribly exciting, and you probably won’t see it again for awhile, since it’s pretty boring blog fodder.

I’m also going to start some scarves, since they’re the ultimate cold weather accessory – one in the black casmere I showed the other day, one in some yummy blue sky alpacas worsted. Yum.



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3 responses to “some colour and some black”

  1. Kristin Avatar

    When you dye your roving, do you fluff it before or after? I’ve been doing it after, just to prepare it to spin, and it’s not taking dye as well as I would like it. Would prepping it before help?

  2. Kim Avatar

    You knit so fast!

  3. Stephanie Avatar

    Pretty, pretty. I have to seriously get some dyes

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