socks, socks

I actually really need to be knitting some of those French Press Felted Slippers right now since the lozenge pattern socks are off the needles!

gentleman's sock with lozenge pattern

2 skeins of Austermann Royal and loosely based on Nancy Bush’s pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks. I did my cuff differently, subbed my own heel and toe, and did the whole sock on 70 sts.

Of course, I cast on for some more socks right away – I guess I’m kind of in sock mode now!

alternating rib

I have such mad love for this sock right now – this leg was one afternoon/evening of knitting (at work and then a little bit at home). Based on another sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. I’m working this over 68 sts, in Dream in Color Smooshy. The colour is Shiny Moss and I LOVE it!

One thing I don’t love? Lenses that are picky about focusing. I went out into the rather cold weather (hovering around the freezing mark) in the hopes of getting some pattern photos for 2 sweaters.

I stayed out there for a good long while, toes getting colder and colder, and managed only a handful of useable shots – not even of the sweater that I really wanted to get photos of! (The red cabley one I’m wearing the photo). Sigh. The Sigma 30mm lens I love is kind of moody and wasn’t focusing properly with the remote, so I have a LOT of out of focus photos. Sigh. I guess I’ll have to just try again this week. Maybe with someone else as the model.


(More love to balance out the annoyed face – have you seen Dr. Steph’s Hansel mittens? I need some to go with my Gretel, and they look super fast and cozy!)



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9 responses to “socks, socks”

  1. Jessica Avatar

    I just knit the French Press felted slippers. They only need felted yet. I can’t wait to wear them!!

    Love both of the socks. The sweater is gorgeous too!

  2. Kristina Avatar

    The socks are wonderful and the yarn you chose for the sweater is gorgeous as is the green yarn !!!

  3. emily Avatar

    The color of those green socks is amazing, and that pattern is so simple, but it looks so “sproingy”. Love ’em :)

  4. Knittripps Avatar

    Your lozenge socks turned out really nice. I would like to knit a pair of french press slippers.

  5. Luise Avatar

    What a gorgeous sweater! And the red is beyond perfect — and perfect for you as well. Congratulations.

  6. Maryse Avatar

    Nice socks! And I look forward to see your read sweater better, it looks gorgeous!

  7. Joan (Frenchknit) Avatar
    Joan (Frenchknit)

    What is that beautiful, luminous red yarn? You and the sweater look fabulous in it!

  8. April Avatar

    Beautiful socks! That green is really stunning.

    Both of those socks are in my knitting list and I might have to move them up a bit now.

  9. TracyKM Avatar

    Do you have the lense trouble when it’s warmer out? Could it be the cold weather affecting the batteries or motor?

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