so much tv-watching

What I’ve been working on:

Also provides some quality knitting time, of which I do have photos, but no time to upload them today. Perhaps tomorrow, although apparently I have to get up early to go to school!

I’ve got an FO, a LOT of knits in progress, handspun yarns to post and upcoming knitterly plans. I can’t believe it’s a week into 2007 already! More to come…as soon as I finish watching 24. Talk about addictive.






9 responses to “so much tv-watching”

  1. hpny knits Avatar

    I also do most of my knitting watching TV. otherwise its wasted time…
    next week, the new “24” series starts again!

  2. Dianna Avatar

    Me too! I was late for a New Years Party because I needed to find out what was going to happen with the bomb in Season 2…. Now I’m terrified of the bio-terrorism threat in Season 3. Thank goodness my own life isn’t this exciting!

  3. The Procrastiknitter Avatar

    Now if I could only get my husband to start knitting. He was doing the same. We got him 24 for Christmas and he spent a great deal of the weekend either out fishing or completely absorbed in his new pressie. I am like that with Grey’s Anatomy though. Enjoy your TV time!

  4. gleek Avatar

    24 is sooooo good! i can’t wait for it to start this weekend.

  5. jenna Avatar

    I did a ton of tv knitting while watching the entire “Freaks and Geeks” series over the holidays! Ahhh, tv and knitting—my two favorite things! I really have to get on board with 24, though.

  6. Jenya Avatar

    OMG – the new 24 season is about to start! When Jack Bauer is running around I’m on the edge of my seat and my stitches get really tight – I also knit faster when I watch dramas! I guess that happens to everyone. Love your sweaters – you’re so prolific!

  7. roz porter Avatar

    Last year this time, I was home recuperating from surgery. I happen to be channel surfing and came upon an episode of “24.” It turned out to be a 24 marathon of Season 1 and 2 over that weekend! I’ve been hooked ever since.

  8. Sarah Avatar

    Don’t you love it? I watched the first season on dvd, then tried to watch the second on tv but couldn’t handle the waiting!!! DVD Jack Bauer is so much better.

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