so cozy

Cozy I will be…if it ever cools off!

Pattern: Cozy from knitty
Yarn: Jaggerspun Wool/Silk 4/8 on a cone from redbirdknits, “Steel”, with lots of leftovers
Needles: Denise US8
Started: March 6, 2005
Finished: September 6, 2005

Since I put this away in the summer for a few months, I was pretty into getting it done when I got back around to it. The yarn is super soft and silky, and blocked beautifully – and I love the colour. Not sure what to do with the extra yarn – now would be a great time for a yarn meter! I didn’t make the shawl as long as stated in the pattern, but it’s plenty long enough for me. Perfect for the fall!

A couple glamour shots:

I also finished up one zinnia sock on the subway today – amazing what you can knit on the subway if you actually, you know, knit (as opposed to sleep) on that train ride.

Now, the garment formerly known as the wrappy sweater. As you can see, there’s no wrapping here. So, I’m renaming it the “Cavern” sweater. Hrm…maybe I ought to try coming up with names that aren’t the yarn colour or name. It is dark dark brown, not blue like the photo would have you believe.

Weaving in the ends and some buttons, and it’ll be all done!



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9 responses to “so cozy”

  1. jacqueline Avatar

    cozy is gorgeous. i bet you cant wait until it gets cold enough to wear (but not too cold of course!)

    i also love the colour you have chosen for your sock.

  2. Dani Avatar

    Looks great Laura. The colour of your Cozy suits you

  3. Lisa Avatar

    Cozy and your former wrap sweater look awesome! Can’t wait to see the sweater completed.

  4. Colleen Avatar

    Oh yay! I can’t wait to start mine now. Yours looks soooo nice.

  5. Melissa Avatar

    Cozy looks great. Did you use Jaggerspun Zephyr? I have a similar lace weight yarn that I would love to use, but since the yarn used in the pattern is worsted, wondering if the lace weight would work. Maybe I’ll use a double strand.

  6. Diana Avatar

    Man, every time I turn around you are finishing something! Cozy looks fabulous, and I am way impressed by the minisweater variation. Keep up the good work!

  7. Wanda Avatar

    Cozy is beautiful and I like the Cavern sweater (formerly known as Wrappy sweater) too. Very nice design.

  8. Stephanie Avatar

    Cozy looks wonderful. I bet it feels good too…that’s one of my favourite yarns.

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