so close, so far

I’ve got lots of progress pics!

First of all, the purple socks are finally seeing some action – just an inch or so until the heel.

purple socks

I started a new project for during lectures – “stripes go round” from Interweave Knits summer 2004, in Elann Esprit. Obviously, there are no stripes.

no stripes

Some other projects are sooo very close to completion!

The licorice cardi just needs a zipper (I will try very hard to do that this weekend):

licorice cardi

(Is it poor form to use the Rachael for a non-FO? I think it’s ok.)

And Ubernatural just needs some buttons, which I’ll hopefully pick up tomorrow – it’s a bit, er, tight, but I’m hoping it’ll stretch a bit.


I really need to finish some more stuff off (like the purple socks, these sweaters, the wavy skirt, maybe make some headway on Cozy) before I start any new projects. One of the priorities for the new projects – a skirt for my little sister; she wants to be able to wear it before school is out. I should get on that.

Thanks to Toni for sending me some Cotton-ease!

To a reader named Judi, who made my top-down cardi: I’m so sorry, I accidentally deleted your email and wasn’t able to reply! I’m so glad you enjoyed the pattern.



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3 responses to “so close, so far”

  1. grumperina Avatar

    Your near-FOs look great, especially the Ubernatural. I like it just like it is, worn unbuttoned… then again, I’m a fan of tight knits (says the girl with a 39″ chest who knits 36″ sweaters, hehe). Your RSS feed, though, could use some frogging and re-knitting – good luck with it, I know computers can be so confusing, like knitting lace.

  2. froggy Avatar

    wow, everything looks fantastic! and that two socks at once is just amazing.

  3. Karma Avatar

    Ubernatural looks great. I love it!

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