so busy, so tired

I’ve sooo much going on with school (like an all-day lab field trip for environmental biology tomorrow) and I think I just agreed to do a largish but easy commissioned knit project. Well, at least that one sounds like it could be cool (my first large commisioned piece!) but it’ll take while and be somewhat boring. I can’t start until the yarn comes in, anyway.

I don’t have any photos today due to my camera batteries being dead, but I’m making a wee bit of progress on things:

simply autumn: coming along. I’m working on the bust increases and counting the rows actually seems to make it go faster
koigu skirt – I’m allllmost done the first tier of hexagons. Next up I’ll do the largest ones, so when I get to the middle-sized ones, they’ll feel faster.
katy: front and back are done, and I’ve started a sleeve! I hope to work on that on the bus tomorrow.

I think that’s about it. I’ve got ideas of knee socks percolating, but actually measuring my, uh, well developed calves was kind of discouraging. We’ll see, I really do want to do them though.

Monica – the Joy is in the store. I repeat, the Joy is in the store!






3 responses to “so busy, so tired”

  1. Brenda Avatar

    Ok, What is ‘The Joy’?

  2. Monica Avatar

    Sweeeet! I’ll actually be downtown on Thursday so I can drool over it.

  3. Jill Avatar

    Laura, knee socks would be awesome. And I would’t get discouraged by a large calve measurement – have you ever seen mine? I have trouble findind knee height boots that feet. I just go with the theory that muscular for the entire summer of walking to work!

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