so Aven has something to read today

I’ve had a rather productive week! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday involved schoolwork (ugh). Wednesday night as stitch n bitch I got up to the second toe on the grey socks, but I’m not going to actually do the toe until I know that the other one is comfortable.

Other things I’ve accomplished today:
– washed and dried the monk’s satchel pieces (and boy, did they ever shrink up!)
– washed the secret project; currently drying
– spun up the second bobbin of merino/silk (I put the wheel in the family room and watched Star Trek: TNG)
– I’m allllllmost done the tivoli tee, just another few inches straight knitting, and I think it’s going to fit
– vaccumed

Ahhh. The things one can get done while spending the day at home. I’ve got school tonight, though. I’m hoping that once July hits and I’ve only got 1 class (5 hours/week), I’ll be able to get tons of things done on my days off!



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