I waffled about it for awhile, but finally decided to do some colourwork on my holiday sweater in order to use the yarn I have!

Ohhhhh yeah.

I guess it’s been awhile since I did any stranded knitting, and I LOVE it! There are Norwegian stars on each of the sleeves.

For the body, I used a smallish motif across the waist to change colours, so the lower body is blue. The one ball of blue should make the sweater long enough, and I still have enough teal for the buttonband.

creative yarn use

I felted Dale’s clogs as well, but they’re too big! I’m not sure that I can shrink them any further, so that might need some creative problem solving too. I’ve got an idea…

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  1. Margaret law

    Hi Laura, I made same slippers for my son and had the same problem, I did do them a 2nd time and stood by my washer and they came out great, my other thought was to actually cut them take out a piece and rejoin but that just seemed like a nightmare so rewashing seemed a better idea and it worked and he loves them.

  2. Robby

    Love the snowflake sleeves (I saw the finished piece). I really should make myself try some stranded knitting. You’ve sort of reignited that idea.


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