That might be what you need to be to wear this sweater – which I am decidely not. All I can say is, I hope it shrinks a lot lengthwise but not widthwise. The bust fits fine, it’s over the stomach and hips that it may not be too flattering…oh well, time will tell.

I was, however, referring to my yarn supply.

I should have enough for the remaining sleeve, lace edging (it’s only 2 pieces, 4 rows each) and a swatch to wash up for seaming with.

I did a three-needle bindoff on the shoulders (love that shortrow shoulder) and tried it on for length. I made it longer on purpose for the shrinkage factor, but the armscye might still be a little bit too long. So I’m going to wash the front+back and sleeves separately, then see how it looks. If the armscye is still too long it won’t be such a huge hassle to undo the bindoff and shorten it a bit.







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