I’ve been trying to make myself wake up earlier, because my exam on Thursday is at 9 am – an hour’s commute away (and I am SO not a morning person). And as a result of course, I’m getting awfully sleepy earlier!

I’ve been busy dyeing up some silk ribbon for megan, and ironing it – I swear the ironing took longer than the dyeing, and was much less interesting.

A wee bit of spinning – my little sister called this one “summer fields”.

More green:

(Fleece Artist wool/silk roving)

My little seedlings are growing up! Yes, I’m replanting soon. Lincoln Peas.

And a tiny bit (literally) more spinning – I did these wee skeins to aim for sock weight. Top one’s navajo plied and the bottom one is two ply. The two ply is thinner of course, but I just don’t think two ply would cut it for socks. I don’t know if I can get it much thinner though…I’m just not a super-duper tiny yarn spinner. At least not yet.

3 Responses to “sleepy…so sleepy”

  1. Rita

    Good luck on Thursday, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Let us know how it went. I love your Blog and all your projects. A girl after my own heart. Rita

  2. alice

    ironing yarn?!

    its a sign of a dedicated yarn artist that is.

    ok, i know ribbon isn’t really yarn, but you can knit with it. AND IRONING IT!?

    I completely understand why it’d be necessary. I’ve ironed ribbon myself. But the idea made me laugh.


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