Ugh. The day? Not so great. Work was fine, and I got to start an awesome sample for the store! I’m making the cover “capecho” from Vogue Knitting, out of super yummy Blue Sky Worsted (different gauge than called for). I wanted to knit it (but not necessarily wear it myself), and megan wanted it for a store sample, so everybody wins. I started today and I have four pentagons done!

Hopefully I won’t get *too* sick of pentagons, because I also want to knit the Bubble Sweater from Knitting Nature. I’ve set my sights on some Manos in a colour that I’ve loved forever. Soon, soon.

The back of the organic cabled raglan is done, and the front is proceeding in quite a timely manner as well. After the front is done I’ll probably be taking a short break until more of the yarn comes in. The pattern is a bit hard on my hands – so many twists and cables (I cable without a needle, of course – it would be so tedious to use a cabled needle on a piece like this!). So it’s probably good to take a break.

I’ve been thinking of starting a new super-simple shawl, out of some Nature’s Palette that I bought awhile back. I have three each of two different blue shades, because I couldn’t decide between them! The question is, what shall I do? I’m already thinking just along the lines of cast on 3, inc at the beginning of each row in st st – but holding one strand of each colour together, or softly grading the colours by working 2 balls of dark, then alternating one ball of each colour, and ending with the last 2 balls?

Hm. Sounds like I’ve already made up my mind!







5 responses to “sigh.”

  1. Megan Avatar

    I want to knit that capecho too, but as a relatively new knitter it’s a little intimidating. I’ll be interested to see your results.

  2. Laura Avatar

    Yeah, I agree with holding two dark, one of each, then two light. Gorgeous! Haha, I’m sitting here staring at that capecho on my coffee table as I read this. They say in the mag how easy it is, I’m glad it’s moving along for you.

  3. Sheila Avatar

    The owner of my LYS, Jan, is knitting the cover sweater. It is coming out great. She is knitting it is a red-blue wool. It is fun. Capecho is gorgeous. I don’t know if any of the sweaters are in my future.

  4. not an artist Avatar

    I can’t wait to see how your capecho turns out! When I first saw the photo on the cover I was kind of turned off, but I keep glancing at it and secretly coveting it. Even if I’d never wear it…

  5. Shannon Avatar

    Are you still spinning much these days? All your projects come out lovely, who I am kidding, all your projects come out amazing, cant wait to see Capecho!

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