sideways flowers

skirt in progress

I cut this simple gathered skirt the other day, out of some cotton fabric I picked up at the Textile Museum sale in the spring. I’m not attached to the fabric at all, and it was quite inexpensive, so it was perfect for a random trial run! I want to perfect an everyday skirt pattern for myself so I can knock out some clothes for the spring and summer.

I did the side seams on the serger, and just hand-basted the elastic casing to see how it would feel. Not bad! There are quite a few things I’d like to try out on skirts – cutting out a separate waistband, using elastic thread for a smocked waist, adding pockets and a lining. There’s always more crafting to do!

skirt in progress

The bottom of my skirt pattern piece was a little too big to cut the skirt straight, so I cut it on the cross grain – except of course, I didn’t notice that the little flower pattern actually does have a direction. Oops. Oh well! It’s a pretty light fabric so I might need to add either another layer of cotton or a lining fabric before I’d actually wear it. So…it’ll probably sit in one of my many workbaskets for awhile, while I think on it.


I was at the workroom yesterday, ogled some gorgeous silk/linen fabric (one day) and came away with a big pile of pretty vintage buttons. I really need to figure out some kind of display/storage solution for buttons, because a ziploc bag just isn’t very appealing.

snow, snow

Stay safe and warm, wherever you are!



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4 responses to “sideways flowers”

  1. Susan Avatar

    I put some of my buttons in a 1-pint mason jar. It’s surprisingly useful.

  2. gail Avatar

    hmmm… what are you knitting? I love the colors. I bought some cool glass jars from Ikea for my buttons!

  3. KateMet Avatar

    My button collection was already a large thing when 3 relatives all dumped their very large collections on me. We’re talking pounds of buttons. So I have a stack of clear plastic boxes labeled white, brown, metallic, warms, cools, shapes, animals, etc. I’m determined to use as many as I can, to get it down to a more manageable size.

  4. Susanne Scheurwater Avatar
    Susanne Scheurwater

    Get yourself a nice big clear glass jar from the thrift store (mason jar, old cookie jar etc) and display them that way! eventually, you will have so many that you will split them by colours!

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