Battery charger found! Photos taken in sunlight! No knitting today!

I like exclamation marks!

Lovely fantastic new books.

Loads of fabric from Cia’s Palette:

I just love the text-y fabrics.

Dig that tape measure fabric!

And a pile of lovely Denyse Schmidt fabrics – the fat quarter pack in autumn.

Plans for all this: bags, mini bags (zippered ones and mini wallets), maybe a patchwork skirt, pj pants out of the green check fabric. Fun fun.

Tomorrow: knitting!

6 Responses to “shiny new things”

  1. Susan

    Ohh, very nice! Could you please tell more about the Knitting Nature book? Do you like it? What kind of patterns are there? Pix or maybe if you know of a link to a review, that would be great–pretty please?
    Yea, I’m thinking of getting it, but I’d have to order it, so I’m just askin…

  2. Julia

    Looks like fun! A patchwork skirt would be neat. Can’t wait to see what kind of bags you come up with. =)


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