see, now it can get cold

Since I’ve got all these fabby new sweaters to wear ;) Thanks for all the compliments on Autumn (and Cloud)! I’m writing up the patterns between hours of studying, and I’ll probably just offer them up free – I don’t have a lot of time to put into them so the patterns will be minimal and probably only in one size.

Meanwhile, I’ve got another sweater almost up for the camera! I’ll be finishing up the collar tonight while checking out “Weeds” (grr, showtime won’t let me view the site because I’m outside the US, and Showcase here in Canada doesn’t have a particular page for the show). Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, then it’s just sewing up and in and maybe a little blocking. I actually didn’t block Autumn, which is unusual for me; I tend to sing the praises of blocking! But it didn’t really seem to need it, and I’m not sure Katy will either.

I’ve been working on that grey sleeve from last entry, which isn’t all that exciting, except for the fact that it’s got blue flecks in it! It’s Lavold Silky Tweed, and it’s just so soft and gorgeous. I’ve got exactly 4 skeins of the grey (so 2 each for the sleeves) and 4 skeins of red Silky Wool (2 each for front and back). It’s going to be tight I think, at least in the body. I’ll have to see if I can get any more tomorrow at the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival.

I’m actually pretty excited about going, as it’s my first time! I do a little sewing as well, as some of you know, and I’ve actually made a (not-really-proper-type) small quilt. Wow, I used to be wayyy more into sewing – I’ve made pants, skirts, bags, even a corset-style top with plastic boning.

I’m veering rather off-track here. Must be all the astronomy and ecology I’m trying to cram into the ol’ noggin.

Anyway, I believe this shall be the end of my rambles for today. If you see me tomorrow, say hi, but I won’t be going until 4:30 (starlight pass, only $5!).







4 responses to “see, now it can get cold”

  1. Karma Avatar

    I’m knitting with grey Silky Wool right now, too. I’m loving it! So soft and nubby and lovely. And it has enough wool content to spit splice, yay! No ends to weave in! :) Enjoy yours.

  2. Kris Avatar

    Love your simply autumn–I was not a fan of the original pattern’s neckline–your’s is much more wearable. I hope you do post the pattern! I came across your raglan cardi pattern (and thus, your blog) via Google and I’m making it now w/ Peace Fleece. Lucky for me, we are about the same size, so one-size-only patterns work for me! :)

  3. Stacey Avatar

    I’d love a cloud pattern! I’m in the middle of the top down cardi in a bulky fleece and really liking it so far – I love doing math (freak that I am) so adjusting a pattern is fun! Thanks again for the great blog and my daily “seeing others complete projects” fix!

  4. Maggie Avatar

    I can’t believe how prolific you are…always completing projects faster than I can start them. I love the colour of Autumn.

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