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Whew, I’m pooped. I spent a couple hours this afternoon working on my veggie garden, which this year is mostly going to be containers. I have to wait until my mum comes back from her vacation so I don’t dig anything up that she’s going to be mad about in the garden proper! I need to clear space for (some of) my zucchini and tomato plants, and while there’s lot of real estate, there’s also lots of very large weedy plants. I did manage to transplant some herbs and things outside, as well as direct seeding some beans and spinach.

And now my arms are all wobbly from lugging bags of soil around. Perfect time to fill you all in on the Textile Museum sale!

It pretty much looked like this:

inside a fabrics tent

two tents

inside the yarn tent

Crowded! I got there right about 11am, and there were a LOT of people there already. It was madness. There were two tents plus a rather large area right in front of the entrance to the Textile Museum (which I didn’t get any photos of).

This year the yarn got its own tent (the last photo above). The tubs on the tables inside were being refilled as things were bought, but I didn’t really feel like hanging around too long to try and score something good. There was a lot of not great (but very cheap) yarns in there to wade through.

bins of wool

more yarn

But I managed to score a wee bit of yarn anyway, since Julia gifted me with a skein of red Jaggerspun that she’d bought. And then there was my one big score –

score of the day

An adjustable dressform! I was standing right at the table when the women behind it were hoisting her up, took a look at the bust dial (to make sure that it was big enough for me) and then pounced right away. Seriously, where else will you get one in this great condition for $25?

I haven’t actually set the measurements properly yet, but close enough for now. And she’s already being pressed into service.

sweater on the dressform

Maybe now I can actually sew some dresses and the like that’ll fit properly!

One more thing, today – a sneak preview of the woven scarves I’ve been working on.

sneak peek

My name on Etsy is cosmicpluto, but there’s nothing up there at the moment – don’t worry, I’ll be announcing here when I put stuff up for sale!



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19 responses to “score o’ the day”

  1. Wanett Avatar

    Wow! What a great deal on the dress form. I love how the sweater is turning out so far.

  2. gleek Avatar

    awesome score! congrats!

  3. Laura Avatar

    VERY exciting! I am still kicking myself for not getting a $70 dressform from the Hancock’s down the street that closed.

    The scarves are gorgeous!

  4. Hannahbelle Avatar

    You’re making me want to weeeaaaaveee! You can’t do that! It’s not fair!

    And I am so totally jealous about the dressform, too. Lucky you!

  5. Natasha Avatar

    Great find! And the scarves look fantastic! Thanks for the etsy heads up :D

  6. Tammy Avatar

    What a find! And I can’t wait for you to get some of your gorgeous work up at Etsy!!

  7. Katie Avatar

    I covet your dressform! Enjoy your blog. Looks like you had fun.

  8. Jocelyn Avatar

    That dressform is hilarious – and very practical. I’ve never seen that before. Great find!

  9. Angie Avatar

    Wow! Those scarves are amazing!! It was hard enough to convince DH that we had room for a spinning wheel… heaven knows where we’ll put a loom! :-)

  10. Katya Avatar

    What a funny old dress form, I’ve never seen one that adjusts with a dial. Great find.
    The scarves’ colours look great, makes me want to start weaving:)

  11. Rebecca Avatar

    WOW! I’ve wanted one of those forms for ages myself but could never afford the usual price! Sooo jealous!

  12. Julie Avatar

    What a steal on the dress form! JEALOUS!!! Scarves look fantastic, love the color and the texture looks divine.

  13. Peacock Chic Avatar

    what a great score!!! And can’t wait to see those woven scarves cause they look luscious from here!

  14. Kym Avatar

    $25???????? That’s amazing! I’m so jealous!

  15. Alice from france Avatar

    I understand you were tired you was a busy bee Laura! Great textil museum i wish we had some here too. I should make some search…
    The dress form is great and i love your cashemire jacket and your woven scarves!

  16. Dr. Steph Avatar

    That form is a total score. I have a friend looking for one of those and they’re super expensive.

    Scarves are looking great. I’m just waiting to borrow Elizabeth’s loom to see what I can do!

  17. Alyssa Avatar

    I’m totally jealous of your dress form find. I keep looking around for one but they’re all so expensive. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find one like you did. Fingers Crossed.

  18. suzanne Avatar

    Beautiful colourways on the scarves! Love the texture!

  19. Yarn Hungry Hog Avatar

    Your yarn photos I did not care about. Well, I did until I saw……….THE DRESSFORM. I could kill to get a full mannequin and an adjustable one to boot. At a bargain price too! I envy you!

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