Last night at SnB I ripped out two tank tops from last summer – the “Goddess”tank (ie. the criss-cross tank) from Vogue, and the “Jenna” tank from Berroco (too lazy to find the link).

The yarn doesn’t look to be too kinked up, probably because they’re both slippy mercerized cotton. So the question now is, of course, what to do with this yarn? I didn’t get around to ripping out syncopated ribs, because I actually wanted to knit…but since I’m just working away on Cozy and Soleil, there isn’t much of that to show.

Instead: the yarn of Insane Craziness.

This stuff is BRIGHT and I love it! I’m working on filling another “bobbin” (er…TP roll) and then I’ll ply ’em together. This wool (“colonial wool”) is super soft and really easy to spin – just a little bit o’ predrafting and I’m good to go. It’s been spinning up really fast, too, but maybe that’s just because I’m crazy for the colours.

Oh, and I got the first package from the Cotton-Ease Binge.

Unfortunately the colour’s all washed out in this pic (sunlight’s a double-edged sword) – it’s a very nice buttercup yellow. I shall be making a tiny-fitting cardi with buttons, sized according to a cardi from *ahem* Old Navy.

I think I need some chocolate. I’ll be sure to pick some up on the way home from my FINAL EXAM OF SECOND YEAR tonight! And then there shall be much crafting to celebrate!



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4 responses to “rippin’”

  1. Siri Avatar

    I bought 2 last skeins of Cotton Ease in Strawberry Cream at my “local” JoAnn’s (a little over an hour away). I was so glad that they started carrying it only a couple months ago and now it will be gone. I bought a few skeins of Licorice and Vanilla, and am thinking about a couple other colors. They had 3 skeins Vanilla, 14 Bubble Gum, 10 Cherry Red, 18 Orangeade, 11 Pineapple, 11 Candy Blue, 11 Blueberry, 3 Pistachio, 3 Popsicle Blue, 5 Sugar Plum, and 1 Black Licorice left. I’m not sure when I’ll be back down that way, but it doesn’t appear to be moving too fast. The Strawberry Cream is a really nice pink, one that I might almost consider wearing, but there isn’t enough, so if you would like it, I could send it to you. I live in Montana, but I’m driving my son up to Fernie, BC four more times over the next couple weeks for swimming lessons, so I could send it from the post office there so shipping would be cheaper. The skeins were $3.99, no sales tax in Montana. Let me know if you are interested in them, but don’t feel obligated though. I could probably get a baby sweater and set out of it sometime.

  2. Maggie Avatar

    Hey Toronto Laura! Re your comment at Carrieoke…I’m out in the boonies (Scarborough) and will be moving even further out this summer (near Lake Simcoe). Going to Sheep and Wool has been in my brain for a year now, and I’m hoping next year I’ll be able to do it. It would be really fun to go with a group and split gas and driving. Lots of time to think about it – how do you feel about carpooling with total strangers? Heh. :D

  3. eileen Avatar

    Hey Laura!
    Any idea when you’ll be getting an RSS feed set up? I keep trying to subscribe to your new blog on Bloglines but it’s not recognizing your address. I miss having you on my list!

    ps. it’s was great to finally meet you in person! I’ll have to find my way down there for SnB one of these days…

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