rhinebeck, the sweater

Apologies for the photo- it sucks. Alas, daylight time is short around these parts…

Rhinebeck Sweater 2006; handspun colourwork extraordinaire!

Pattern: my own, sorta based on EZ’s yoke sweater

Yarn: My own handspun merino, 3ply; 1 pound (approx. 700 yards) of the main colour and ummm…some of each of the other colours. Not too much of each, less than 50 g each. All contrast colours handdyed by me!

Needles: Denise US7

Finished: the Tuesday before Rhinebeck!

This sweater was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I forgot to ask someone to take a photo of me in it at Rhinebeck! The best photo, I think, of me in the sweater is here, in Mel’s flickr.

I’m planning on writing up a more detailed “recipe”, but here’s basically what I did – swatch, determine gauge of 18 sts/4″, provisionally cast on 160 stitches for a 35″ sweater. Knit the body in the round, adding a couple of increases and decreases for the waist. Knit up the sleeves, also with a provisional cast on, then joined it all together and knit a couple rounds plain with the main colour (I wanted the colourwork to be a bit on the higher side).

Up until that point I didn’t know what I was going to do for the colourwork, so when I got there I had a bit of work with graph paper and pencils to do! I did the first motif, then decreased the number of stitches by 25%, did the second motif (the red/yellow zigzag), decreased by 33%, then did some stripes and such and decreased again by 33%. I also incorporated short rows to raise the back neck. Then I went back to the cast-on edges and did the ribbing – I’d cast on provisionally because I wasn’t sure how long the main colour was going to last.

When the sweater hit water though…it grew a lot in length. I was a bit freaked out. In a bit of panic the night before the trip, I…put the sweater in the dryer. Just for a bit, about 20 minutes total. You can feel how the yoke and contrast edges firmed up, but they’re not crazy felted or anything. And the length is perfect!

All in all, a beautiful sweater experience. Yay!

On my knitting plate (which is overflowing):

I have succumbed.






25 responses to “rhinebeck, the sweater”

  1. Diane Murphy Avatar

    rhinebeck sweater looks great! as for the log cabin,hmmmmm I want to start one too!

  2. jody Avatar

    it looked great (wish i saw you on Saturday so I could have seen it in person!). very impressed on how quickly you knit it up too.

  3. Jenna Avatar

    Is that handspun you’re using for the log cabin?! The Rhinebeck sweater is great, even more wonderful in person :)

  4. Valerie Avatar

    that swater is absolutely gorgeous on you. Or maybe its the wearer? teehee.
    Seriously, I had to delurk to tell you that it’s faboo and you’re my hero.

  5. Kirsten Avatar

    LOL, I know the feeling about the Log Cabin thing. It’s just too tempting!
    Your sweater is glorious. I’m sorry I missed seeing it at Rhinebeck.

  6. Adrian Avatar

    The sweater is seriously gorgeous. I especially love the little pointed teeth edging the yoke.

    I wish I’d taken your photo at Rhinebeck. You look smashing in it! It’s a great fit (thank goodness for the dryer!).

  7. Leslie Avatar

    You look awesome in that sweater is all I have to say. Good job!

  8. gleek Avatar

    wow, your sweater is just gorgeous! i love how it was your design and your yarn, too. makes it even more special!

    is that also your yarn in the log cabin blanket? i love the colors and texture!

  9. Jen Avatar

    Love the sweater, awesome!!

  10. Marlene Avatar

    Great sweater. I hope you find lots of opportunities to wear it.

  11. Lori Avatar

    Gorgeous! And it fits you well! Great job! It’s great to knit something that was spun and dyed all yourself and then to use your own pattern. You can truly say it’s one of a kind!

  12. Jennifer Avatar

    Wow. I love it! Congrats on such an awesome piece.

  13. Julia Avatar

    I love that sweater! It looks wonderful on you, and the colors in person are fantastic! Very very nice job!

  14. Carin Avatar

    The sweater is beautiful. Good job with the colors. It’s so amazing that it’s made out of your own handspun. You’re so good. And it looks great on you!

  15. Susie Avatar

    The sweater totally takes my breath away. I’ve spun for myself for smaller items (socks, hats, mittens and such) but the idea of keeping my spinning consistent for 700+ plied yards overwhelms me. You’re masterful.

  16. Jo Avatar

    Very pretty yoke sweater! How many different colours did you use?

  17. Robin Avatar

    Your Rhinebeck sweater is really gorgeous! Glad it all worked out to your liking and you could show it off a bit.

  18. Connie Avatar

    The sweater is very pretty. I’ve always wanted to knit a yoke fairisle sweater. And to have spun the yarn yourself? Wow. The only other thing you could have done was raise the sheep! :)

  19. Lauren Avatar

    I’m doing a nice little logcabin pillow right now & it’s very relaxing.

    Also, I noticed your bag & rhinebeck sweater out of the corner of my eye at the festival. And thought, “where do I know that sweater?” And then thought, “oh! I read her blog!” Which I think it must be nice to be recognized for your work than any other form of celebrity out there. Gorgeous stuff, as always!

  20. Crystal Avatar

    Wow, that sweater is fantastic! And the yarn looks so even and the colors are gorgeous. And it looks great on you (but everything you knit does). Congrats… you should wear that with pride!

  21. dennymcmillan Avatar

    ha….log cabin….next thing you know you’ll be knitting a noro blankie

  22. Connie Meeke Avatar

    You aren’t alone with the log cabin thing – check out mine http://www.knttingsticks.blogspot.com

  23. Cassie Avatar

    I have no idea how I missed seeing you wear that over the weekend, but its absolutely stunning! And handspun no less. I think you’re my hero. ;-)

  24. carrie Avatar

    Yes, I agree with *everyone*: the sweater is FASNTASTIC. (And yes, I am log cabining too!)

  25. […] Fair Isle/Colourwork yoke: again a technique challenge to myself as I had proclaimed at one point I would never EVER do stranded/colourwork knitting of any sort! My serving of crow pie came will be coming in the mail with my Fiddlehead Mitten Kits…Adrian is high on my Girly Crush List (yes I have a list and no I’m not revealing who else is on it). Back to the fair isle; I have in my fiber stash two shades of natural brown roving (Shetland and BFL) and some beautiful robin egg blue merino that the family in England have sent over (I LOVE having international enablers!!!) which will work beautifully and give me a sweater made from 4 diffrent breeds of sheep. This concept tickles me to no end. […]

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