rhinebeck sweater the first

Off the needles and onto the blocking towel, with nary a leftover in sight!


I really squeaked by on this one – I could’ve sworn I had 7 skeins of yarn, but of course I could only find 6. I shortened the sleeves to 3/4, and had to rip about half of my swatch to finish the second one, but I’m done!

The yarn is Sliver Moon Farm superwash merino worsted, which I bought at my very first Rhinebeck, 6 years ago. I don’t know what the colourway is, but maybe Kay can enlighten us! I don’t think they sell their yarn online, but if you’re going to Rhinebeck this weekend I’m sure they’ll be there!

The design for this is a simple top-down cardigan, with an elongated garter stitch pattern to the waist, then stockinette with front and back shaping darts to the hip. I’m really happy with the fit, and I can’t wait to wear it! (Proper FO photos and probably a pattern to come.)

And my second Rhinebeck sweater?


Maaaaaaybe. It has to be done tonight to have a good wet blocking and be dry by Friday. We’ll see!



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15 responses to “rhinebeck sweater the first”

  1. Anna Avatar

    What a gorgeous colour, I love it!

  2. Michelle Moses Avatar

    I love the garter stitch pattern- it came out really good!

  3. Amy J Avatar
    Amy J

    Love it! And the colors are beautiful!

  4. Cassy Avatar

    Congrats! It looks fabulous. The yarn has a lovely sheen in the photo. Good luck on the second one too.

  5. Rikke Avatar

    I hope you will publish the pattern, it looks great!

  6. glenda Avatar

    love the sweaters. Hoping you will do a pattern!!!

  7. Jen Avatar

    Your sweater is so pretty! I know it’s going to look great on you.

  8. Wendolene Avatar

    Love the sweaters! I don’t know that I’ve seen elongated garter stitch before…or maybe I’ve never heard its proper name. Either way, I really like the way the texture plays up the color shifts in your yarn!

  9. Karen S Avatar

    That first sweater has claimed my heart… it looks so utterly beautiful! It sounds like it was a narrow thing to finish it, but good that you were able to alter it enough to squeeze it out of the yarn available ;)
    The second sweater looks good too!

  10. Carie Avatar

    Pretty please may there be a pattern – it looks so simple and elegant. I’m amazed that you’re making not one but two Rhinebeck sweaters, the purple in the second is just gorgeous.

  11. Maryse Avatar

    These look like two beautiful sweater! Have a great weekend!

  12. Knittripps Avatar

    Pretty Rhinebeck sweater! Have fun!

  13. Katie Avatar

    Love the first sweater! Normally I’m not a fan of garter stitch, but I love the elongated version of it.

  14. Elizabeth Avatar

    Gorgeous sweater. I love the colour, the simple pattern, the shaping, everything. Can’t wait to see it on.

  15. Kelly Richardson Avatar
    Kelly Richardson

    You always knit/create such nice items. I’ve got a serious case of knit-envy! Lovely!

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