rhinebeck spoils

It’s late and I’m dying to go to bed, but I wanted to post all the yummy stuff I got at Rhinebeck! So it might have to be point form if I’m going to get through writing this…

rhinebeck yarns

L: Teal laceweight cashmere, over 1600 yards, from the Skaska booth. Mmm!
C: Black fingering weight cashmere, 1200 yards (score!) from the Skaska booth as well. A woman at the booth was a little disappointed that Andrea and I bought up all the black cashmere!
R: DK weight wool/silk from Brooks Farm, 1 skein. Probably destined for something like a swallowtail shawl for a gift.

rhinebeck yarns II

L: a sweater’s worth of pillowy, squishy natural coloured DK-weight merino from Greenwood Hill Farm (I think?). Sort of knits up tweedy – I totally got sucked in by the knitted up samples at the booth!
C: three skeins of sock yarn from Sliver Moon Farm in a gorgeous plum. Seriously, the camera did not want to capture the true luminescence of this yarn.
R: two skeins of yak down/cormo DK-weight yarn from Bijou Basin. This yarn is irregularly spun, cushy, and I love it! I’ve got 300 yards, and I’m thinking something with cables…

fibres mosaic

And finally, in spinning fibres (do you sense a colour theme here?) –

L: batts from twitchystitches.com – crazy awesome teal/green/shiny goodness. About 180g.
C: smokey grey corriedale mix from Spinner’s Hill – 5 oz.
R: one lone braid of Ashland Bay merino in Cranberry – 4 oz.

I also came home with a heck of a lot of raw milk cheese and a couple bars of soap, too! I actually had a bit of trouble shopping on the Saturday since it was so darn busy, I just wasn’t really able to concentrate properly! I more than made up for it on Sunday though :)

In not-unrelated news, I have a pair of Fluevog Marians, red, in size 7.5 that I want to sell to a good home. After I twisted my ankle, it’s decided to be a bit…reconfigured. So they don’t fit quite right anymore! I’ve only worn them a few times (maybe 3 times) so they’re in like new condition. Yours for the same price I paid, $165 (USD or CDN is fine with me, despite the now rather significant difference!) and I’ll include the shipping. Email me if you’d like some new shoes!



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10 responses to “rhinebeck spoils”

  1. Alice from france Avatar

    Everything is so lovely!!Like the black cachmere and the fibers!!

  2. Penny Avatar

    Oh wow, it’s all so beautiful! Especially the teal things! :D

  3. Estella Avatar

    I love the cashmere…I took my daughter to Rhinebeck and she fell in love with the soft balls of roving. When I saw a cashmere booth I took her over and told her that this is a must touch fiber. She was entranced with it and wanted me to buy a skein just to feel. I told her next year we’ll buy cashmere.

  4. Lindseyrose Avatar

    Everything looks lovely!! It was great meeting you!

  5. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Whoops! Seeing your stash pictures just made me realize that my cashmere silk laceweight is from the Skaska booth (I probably wrote something like Skacel… not useful).

    I love all of your natural colored goodness (pretty much everything I bought was like your colored goodies). I wish I had picked up something with a bit more sheepiness to it. Though a sweater done that way was a bit more than my budget could bear at the time.

  6. Cirilia Avatar

    I have some of that Greenwood stuff and it’s the bomb. Only trouble is I can’t decide what to do with it! It’s one of those perfection yarns…

  7. Lulu Avatar

    Hey there – I kept seeing you at Rhinebeck and recognizing you from your blog, but I was too shy to say anything. Saturday night, you were right near me at the Ravelry party, and then on Sunday, you and your friends parked right next to me & mine! I feel a little silly doing this, but *waves* HI!

  8. Steph Avatar

    Ooh, gorgeous! I love the teal yarn and fiber. The plum sock yarn looks yummy as well. Someday I must make it to Rhinebeck! Seeing everyone’s spoils makes makes me drool at all the luscious yarn.

  9. gleek Avatar

    nice haul! it all looks lovely :)

  10. Lisa (knithound brooklyn) Avatar

    Seriously nice haul! The black cashmere is so elegant. Can’t wait to see what you do with all this great stuff!

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