Rhinebeck was awesome, as usual. And renting a house was a perfectly civilized way to do it! It was fantastic to have a home base with a proper kitchen and everything. The countryside was just so beautiful! Fantastic autumn colours and light.

beautiful trees

Staying with great friends was especially fun. (Sonia, our GPS, was also quite an invaluable member of the expedition). I met lots of awesome knitters, including some that I feel like I knew already from Flickr and elsewhere online! Oh, and there was all the yarn buying stuff too. That was pretty great.

1, 2, 3...jump!

I’m exhausted and need to decompress a bit. Details soon!

14 Responses to “rhinebeck re-entry”

  1. Debbie

    At least you posted something! I haven’t seen anything else on any other blog I read! Thanks!

  2. Jennifer

    thanks again for the copy of your book–it will be a great resource to have in my knitting library!

  3. alison

    I saw you from a distance at one point and thought I’d run into you again, but alas… (I think Rhinebeck has grown beyond the “running into” stage, actually.)

  4. Seanna Lea

    Wow. Renting a house sounds like it would work really well. I went as a day bus trip, but it made the day feel really super long. I wonder if it would be easier to decompress from the trip if I had not spent more than 20 hours either on the road or at the site.

  5. jessie

    It was nice to run into your briefly! It was so beautiful there, and the renting a house in Woodstock idea is such a good one! How come I never thought of that?

  6. Jody

    It was so great to meet you at the Ravelry meetup! Your mitts were just amazing in person – can’t wait to make my own pair!

  7. --Deb

    You know, I saw you on Saturday but didn’t get a chance to actually say hello … so, hi! Wasn’t it a great day? Even if it was kind of chilly? (grin)

  8. Степан

    Скажите, а можно ли взять новости с вашего сайта? Со ссылкой на первоисточник естественно. :)


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