retail therapy

I bought two more balls of Esprit just in case, and I can always return the extra as long as I hustle to get things knit. I also bought four balls of Cascade Fixation from Hello Knitty, for Mon Petit Chou.

I had quite a few errands to run today, and I went by Fabricland to pick up a bunch of notions for my garter belt experiment as well as for petit chou. All the better that they were 25% off!

I made a special trip downtown as well, to go to Lush. I looooove Lush, but it’s so dang expensive. Oh well, I think it’s worth it to feel soft and smooth and smell nice!

My old standby, Sympathy for the Skin, as well as a Buffy the Backside Slayer and King of Skin body butter. The Party On temple balm is supposed to keep you alert – we’ll see. I can definitely use all the help I can get for this studying craziness.

What’s that? Knitting?

I knit the first sleeve until there was a little more than half the ball left (according to my not-so-accurate kitchen scale), then started on the second sleeve. I’ll have to see where the yarn takes me – I don’t want to end up with a too-short, weird sleeve length cardi, but I don’t really want to use yet another colour to finish it up, and it’s probably going to be impossible to find the same dyelot (Patons Classic Wool, burgundy, 115328).






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