I chopped 16 stitches off the body and went down a needle size to boot – looking good so far. And the Pakucho cotton is going quite far – I’m done the waist decreases and am on the third ball. Not the hugest skeins, but I was expecting to use more than that.

I’ve been dyeing and spinning quite a bit (when taking breaks from the knitty sweater, I kind of…don’t really want to be knitting) and have produced some cool new skeins.

This is an ombre skein that goes from deep teal through bright teal, then fuschia. I love it! I dyed 8 ounces, and to spin I split it lengthwise down the middle, then split each half lengthwise so I can get 2 4 oz skeins with relatively close matching between the two plies and the two skeins. Usually I need to predraft a good bit after dyeing, but this roving stayed really fluffy – very easy to just spin directly without predrafting. This skein is 250 yards.

I also did up two skeins of black merino – I needed some quick-and-dirty spinning to do. It’s not as consistent as usual, and is thicker than usual as well – but satisfying! 250 yards each, so 500 yards total.

There will be some new skeins up in my etsy shop tonight, so keep an eye out if you’re interested in some of my handspun!

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