I’ve got to go to chinese new year’s dinner in a few minutes (which I really don’t want to go to) but here’s a quick update:

I worked on the tall socks a touch today, but there’s still so much to go…ah well, mindless tv knitting for when I have time to watch tv. Oh, the sleeves of the top down cardi are turning out okay – they’re going to be three-quarter length after blocking (I hope). So those are almost done, then there’s just the body to finish up. I really want to get that down soon.

Urban Aran sort of stopped after that first sleeve, but I do want to get back to it – it’s so nice and fast, and has fun cables. Maybe I’ll start the back so I can just go forward on it without having to worry about increases or shaping for a good long while.

Feeling rather overwhelmed with school at the moment – so I gotta get back to the books. Cheers.

EDIT: GAHHHH!!! Elann’s got the return of solid colour Esprit (their fixation ripoff) DIRECTLY AFTER I ORDERED IT FROM THE STATES for almost $2 US more per ball plus shipping! Grrrrrrr. At least now I can order some for other purposes from Elann…






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