poppy, otto and mousie

So much knitting this week! I didn’t get these done in time to be given before Christmas, so I knit really hard and got them all done in just a couple days! Excuse the photos, the middle of the night really isn’t the best time for accurate colours!

family portrait

These super cute toys are all by Ysolda, for a couple of super awesome kids I know.


Otto is a polar bear knit out of Coldharbour Mill Organic Merino (DK weight) that I picked up at iknit day in London back in September. Awesome yarn, great pattern, a little fiddly but what toy pattern isn’t?

immobile mousie

This little immobile Mousie doesn’t have legs mainly because I was sort of running out of time and yarn. Besides, it’s just going to get chewed on by a baby anyway! Knit in a crazy yarn-weight combo of Nature’s Palette sock yarn (pink) and Ultra Alpaca (the grey). A little too lifelike until I added the oversized ears!


I finished up yellow-haired Poppy on Christmas Day – and I love her! Body was knit with the Coldharbour Mill Organic Merino as well, with her dress in a handspun silk (lucky girl) and scraps of black and yellow for her shoes and hair.

(And I’m not some kind of knitting time traveler, I had a bit of an advance copy of the pattern!)

Now that there’s only three weeks to go before I take off on my six-week trip, I’m freaking out a little bit (or a lot) about how much there is to do! Getting a visa (India), shots, luggage, doing packing lists and such, deciding what knitting to bring! And I’ve got a couple of projects I want to work up before I leave, too. Bit insane but we’ll see how I do!



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11 responses to “poppy, otto and mousie”

  1. Melissa Avatar

    Poppy is just adorable! I love her little grin.

  2. cici Avatar

    they are all so cute! I have friends that went to India in October. They loved it.

  3. yvette Avatar

    They’re so beautiful.
    Happy Holidays Laura.

  4. fleur Avatar

    Beautiful! What nice toys!

  5. Knittripps Avatar

    Six whole weeks! What knitting are you going to bring with you?

  6. Amanda Avatar

    Have you read The Golden Compass? When I first saw your photo, I was certain you’d knit Lyra, Pan and Iorek – three essential, and lovable characters from the books! If the kids you’re gifting them to are readers, a copy of the book with this trio would be perfect.

  7. Julie Avatar

    Those toys are so perfect!! Lucky kids, for sure.

  8. not an artist Avatar

    Hee, those are super cute Laura. And your trip sounds super exciting! Have an awesome time!

  9. Anna Avatar

    Cute toys!

    I like the idea of a knitting time traveller…

  10. Wendolene Avatar

    I love the toys–seeing yours is proof that I have to have my own Mousie.
    It sounds like you have your plate full for the next few weeks! Good luck : )

  11. Bodil Avatar

    They are all so cute that I’m thinking about making them for myself.

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