So much knitting this week! I didn’t get these done in time to be given before Christmas, so I knit really hard and got them all done in just a couple days! Excuse the photos, the middle of the night really isn’t the best time for accurate colours!

family portrait

These super cute toys are all by Ysolda, for a couple of super awesome kids I know.


Otto is a polar bear knit out of Coldharbour Mill Organic Merino (DK weight) that I picked up at iknit day in London back in September. Awesome yarn, great pattern, a little fiddly but what toy pattern isn’t?

immobile mousie

This little immobile Mousie doesn’t have legs mainly because I was sort of running out of time and yarn. Besides, it’s just going to get chewed on by a baby anyway! Knit in a crazy yarn-weight combo of Nature’s Palette sock yarn (pink) and Ultra Alpaca (the grey). A little too lifelike until I added the oversized ears!


I finished up yellow-haired Poppy on Christmas Day – and I love her! Body was knit with the Coldharbour Mill Organic Merino as well, with her dress in a handspun silk (lucky girl) and scraps of black and yellow for her shoes and hair.

(And I’m not some kind of knitting time traveler, I had a bit of an advance copy of the pattern!)

Now that there’s only three weeks to go before I take off on my six-week trip, I’m freaking out a little bit (or a lot) about how much there is to do! Getting a visa (India), shots, luggage, doing packing lists and such, deciding what knitting to bring! And I’ve got a couple of projects I want to work up before I leave, too. Bit insane but we’ll see how I do!

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  1. Amanda

    Have you read The Golden Compass? When I first saw your photo, I was certain you’d knit Lyra, Pan and Iorek – three essential, and lovable characters from the books! If the kids you’re gifting them to are readers, a copy of the book with this trio would be perfect.

  2. Wendolene

    I love the toys–seeing yours is proof that I have to have my own Mousie.
    It sounds like you have your plate full for the next few weeks! Good luck : )


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