plus and minus

Plus: Pictures of the finished Irving Park socks! They’re great.

Irving Park socks
Pattern: basic sock, 64 stitches on US0 (2 mm) Clover dpn
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Irving Park
Started: September 20, 2005
Finished: October 1, 2005

Plus: the v-neck of Cloud is perfect.

Plus: I cast on for two more pairs of socks, the Vera knee socks (oy…these are going to take awhile) and some Knitpicks ones for class knitting.

Minus: crappy nighttime indoor photos in this post. Sorry.

Minus: I put Cloud in the dryer for awhile, then took it out while still a bit damp and laid it flat to dry. Bad news is it’s almost 20″ across, so a 40″ chest – I was aiming for 35″, although I knew as I was knitting it that it was going to be bigger than that. I’d hoped for about 37-38″, but there you go. It’ll probably still be wearable anyway, but meh. I’m REALLY not ripping it.

Somewhere in between: I’m firmly on the beach of Sleeve Island, as I’m working the second sleeve of Simply Autumn and still the first sleeve of Katy. Where’s my cocktail?



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6 responses to “plus and minus”

  1. grumperina Avatar

    I am in love with the v-neck of your sweater, it is perfect. I went back a few entries, and you picked up the stitched, correct? (versus knitting them straight from the body). And over in the center, is that a column of SSK on the left, right next to a column of k2tog on the right? Love it!

  2. Lauren Avatar

    Wow, no strange Lorna’s pooling!

  3. Jill Avatar

    Awesome socks Laura – I really need to do something with my Lorna’s Laces but I think next up are going to be Grumperina’s socks in that alien green yarn that’s sitting in my stash.

  4. Lisa Avatar

    You are very right lady – the v neck on cloud is PERFECT. It looks grand.

  5. Suzanne Avatar

    Damn girl! That V-Neck is phenomenal. I’m in awe of the beauty of a clean neck line.

  6. Toni Avatar

    Love that colorway. Your feet will be very cozy!

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