please hellllppppp

Well, I’ve been working on getting my feed to work for so long that the sun has gone down and I haven’t taken any pictures of the finished ASC tank. So ha, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow or possibly later tonight.

Sigh. I think the feed is working now, minimally (the link in the footer has been changed) but under its current code, I’ll have to hand code and update it every time I write an entry, and you’ll only get that the blog has updated and the entry’s title in bloglines.

It was so easy when I had Blogger, it did the feed automatically! WordPress is supposed to do it too, except for the fact that it just. don’t. work.

In conclusion, I’m frustrated and eating PC Dark Chocolate Peppermint melts while trying to figure out how I can get my php feed to work. In the meanwhile, Bloglines isn’t recognizing the new feed yet but give it a few days.

I haven’t been able to knit because of this stupid thing! Someone better help, or else there’s just not going to be a feed.

Knitting update later (when I’m calmer) or tomorrow.






5 responses to “please hellllppppp”

  1. Monica Avatar

    I use the atom feed url for my blog and it seems to be working okay on my site. I used the tag to find out the url of my feed and then I put that link in my footer. You can try that and see if it works.

  2. Monica Avatar

    Tag didn’t show up it’s minus the space between the

  3. Monica Avatar


    php bloginfo_rss(‘atom_url’)

    is the code.

  4. Leslie - knitting therapist Avatar
    Leslie – knitting therapist

    Bloglines is recognizing – I just subscribed.
    See ya!

  5. naomi Avatar

    I just subscribed with bloglines, and this post shows up, but none of the others do…

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