Knitting update at 1:30 am: Am almost done the first ball of Kureyon on the zigzag bag. I like the colours now – the darker ones balance it out, and it’ll be a nicely “muted rainbow” (from some website I was looking at Kureyon on). Now worrying about running out of yarn, but I think that if I use three balls for the bag part and one each for the two straps, it’ll be fine even if it turns out a bit small. Also worked on Bella this evening.

Now. Plans for yarn in my stash, so I have a list somewhere.

Patons Classic Wool, Chestnut (7 skeins): Must Have Cardigan
Other colours of Classic Wool: legwarmers, hats, possibly as Christmas presents
Lamb’s Pride Bulky: tartan jacket, soon as I have all the colours
Blue Heron Yarns mercerised cotton (1): Flower Basket shawl from fall 2004 IK for my mum
Koigu Kersti, red (4): DNA scarf
Elann Sonata cotton, black (13): Go-Everywhere Cardigan from SnB (thinking of trying out my mum’s friend’s knitting machine)
Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, white (6): a cardigan of some sort (another Ribby? what do y’all think?)
Cotton-Ease, blueberry (5): a pullover of my own design (which has been brewing for awhile now)
Cotton-Ease, black (1): a hat
Cotton-Ease, candy blue (2): uh…armwarmers or legwarmers or something
TLC Cotton Plus, red: full-length armwarmers or a shrug
Elann Esprit: socks (2 pairs)
Elann Sonata Print (7): top for youngest sister
Koigu KPPPM leftovers: gloves or mitts
JaggerSpun Zephyr, ebony (4 oz, 1260 yds): possibly some type of top for me
a whole lotta Bernat Denimstyle, canvas: possibly a cabled sweater of some sort

I think that’s all I can think of right now, and looking at my stash bookcase. Right now I’m coveting knitting a throw/blanket/afghan out of Rowan Big Wool and having it to wrap around me after coming in from the biting cold and snow this winter. Of course, there’s no freaking way I can afford that. So I’ll have to settle for my Big Wool drop loop scarf, made from one ball of it.






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